Thursday, May 31, 2012


We were looking and feeling a bit Patriotic this Memorial Day.  DSC_1382_edited-1

The parade that comes through our little town is a BIG deal.   Huge. 
We try to stress the importance of the Holiday and the true meaning behind it, but let's face it..... all they really care about is getting CANDY! 
They'll get it, some day! 

Did I mention we had the HOTTEST Memorial day on RECORD. 
It was like 96 degrees.   I'm assuming that is why Chase's hair looks all crazy, frizzy like that!

What a weekend.  It was crazy busy, and crazy fun - packed full of sunshine, splashing, beer, brats, burgers, friends, family, neighbors, and some serious melt-your-flip-flops HEAT.  And I can't help but to feel grateful, that we live in such a special place.  Thanks to all those who have worked hard and fought (and are still fighting) to make it that way.   WE ARE LUCKY.

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

THE HUNT 05.27.12

Another week has flown by.  Seriously, I can't even believe I am here to type up another scavenger hunt post.   And I know I say that every time.  But, for real, these week seems to have just disappeared! 
So,  if you are good at reading between the lines (which, of course you are! Because you are all such intelligent women) that means I had to cheat a bit and use a few from last week.   Which I hate to do, but some weeks are like that.  *sigh*

So, on with the show:


The kids were tearing through the sprinklers the other night and I was hoping to catch some good motion blur photos.  I unfortunately got more blur than photo is most cases.  This one above didn't turn out too bad.  You get the idea anyway.  But I was getting discouraged with the blur, and decided to switch up my settings to freeze motion.   That seemed to suit my liking much better.



I loved how the back lighting made the fuzz just pop.

These I pulled from a week or so ago when I was chaperoning Chase's class to a local nature center.  The highlight of the trip was when they brought out the tarantula. 
Yikes.  I think Chase is certainly facing his fears in that photo!
DSC_0017_edited-1 DSC_0022_edited-1 DSC_0020_edited-1
And I am facing MINE in this photo.
I still get the heebie-geebie's just looking at this one!!!

We are planting.   I should just say Dave is planting.  The boys and I "helped." 
DSC_0785_edited-1 DSC_0788_edited-1 DSC_0781_edited-1 DSC_0790_edited-1
He did six flats of Impatients today.   His poor back, I can only imagine the ache.

Okay, so that does it for this week.
I hope you all have a fun and safe Memorial Day!!!!

Until next week... which will seem like tomorrow, practically!


Friday, May 25, 2012


I'm so glad you're here. 
I've done laundry.... cleaned.... vacuumed two of our three levels..... scrubbed.... and now I am kicking back with my feet up, blogging, and drinking coffee. 

I'm so happy not to be driving kids to school and picking them up.  Of course, that means they are at home with me.  And, there has been bickering, fighting, tears, teasing, a very suspicious clogged toilet incident (grrr) but I'm really going to try to take all this in stride.   My mom reminded me that the first few days of summer break are always a little chaotic, and then we all settle into a new routine. 

And I am determined to focus on the good, find the happiness, be joyful and lap up these days! 
(Wish me luck.  Seriously, I'm going to need it!) 

So, here's my insta-week snapshots.  These always make me SMILE! 

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UntitledUntitledUntitled UntitledUntitled UntitledUntitledUntitled UntitledUntitled UntitledUntitledUntitled UntitledUntitled UntitledUntitledUntitled UntitledUntitled

So, that was me week last week.  We had a Birthday (mine) and a wedding and lots of sunshine! 
Enjoy your holiday weekend.
See you next week.


Thursday, May 24, 2012


The boys had their last day of school yesterday.   
Which is exciting, if you're a kid.  And panic inducing if you are a Mom!  Hee.

Actually, I have to admit that I am excited too.  Bring on the lazy days of summer. 
And I think that is exactly what we are in for.  We don't have very much on the calendar, intentionally.  I prefer to let the boys have downtime during the summer with a few activities mixed in.  We'll see how that all goes.  

If I can deal with the fighting and bickering, we should be set! 

Anywhooooooo.  To celebrate the onset of summer.  We busted out the push-pops.  (Don't you just love push-pops?!?!) 

I may or may not have bribed them with said push-pops to sneak in a few photos.
Okay, I totally did!
But, bribery is my only option these days. 



NOTE TO SELF:  Get those faces cleaned up before photo taking.  My kids faces are ALWAYS a mess.  And photo shop can only fix so much!


And we know that summer is here because the rose bushes are bursting. 
Gosh, do I love when they bloom!
And these bushes are blooming too. 

And I'm going to throw in a few more pictures of my dirty-faced boys. 

Gotta love little dirty faces! 

So, we've kicked it off.  Summer is here.  We made a list of all the things we want to accomplish.  It should be fun, if we can manage to get them all checked off. 

Wish us luck. 
(And send me prayers to be PATIENT with them!)

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

THE HUNT 05.20.12

It's Sunday. And ..... It's my BIRTHDAY!! Woot.  
I am now 35.  Which is starting to sound kinda OLD.  GHAHHHH!

And not only is it my birthday, but also my brother and sister's too.  Yes, all three of the kids in my family have the SAME Birthday.    Pretty cool, eh?  I love that we all get to celebrate together!

So, I  am enjoying a lazy morning. Catching up on my scavenger hunting.

[RAINBOW} DSC_9962_edited-1 DSC_9960_edited-1
We had a strange storm come through on Tuesday.  And once the grey skies cleared, the sun came out.  A light bulb went off in my head, it's RAINBOW weather out there.  I grabbed my camera, and although it was still sprinkling out, I was on the hunt for a rainbow.  How perfectly timed, right?

We went fishing on Monday at Daddy's work.  And he had a surprise to show the boys.  Seven baby swans had hatched.  Look how cute and fluffy they are, only days old.   I was lucky to get a few photos in.  Pappa promptly swam over and started his intimidation tactics. 

I had to get creative with this prompt.  I might have forgotten about capturing LETTER.  This one is of Dylan playing in the sand box with his shovel..... that has LETTERS on it.   (Hey, it's my Birthday, you gotta give me this one!)

On Wednesday, I chaperoned a field trip of 24  first graders to a local nature center. 
This shot is of the smoker that bee keepers use to stun the bees before they attempt to retrieve honey.  I asked if that thing works on first graders.  Hee!

Another shot from our fishing outing.  Here's a little glimpse of Dad's "office." 

So, phew.  Now I'm off to enjoy my DAY.   No big plans other than a nice dinner out.  I think a lazy, relaxing morning is in order! 

I'll probably be spending some time over at Ashley's looking through scavenger hunt entries.  You should join me!