Thursday, June 28, 2012


Have I mentioned that Chase is no longer a skateboarder dude? He is now a sports guy!   For the past few years, he has been obsessed with everything skater-boarder/snow-boarder... from his clothes to his hobbies, he was all about the boarding. 


At some point this spring/summer, he changed.  He won't wear any of his Tony Hawk clothing (I'm regretting buying up all the skater clothes I could get my hands on at the end of last summer!)  He's now into Nike and Adidas and even golf shirts and shorts.   Don't get me wrong, I'm liking the change.  I just wish I didn't have a closet full of clothes that he won't wear!

And he has been gravitating towards playing sports.  He wants to dabble in just about everything.    I signed him up for flag football and baseball and floor hockey this summer and even football for the fall.  Yikes. 

So, we are keeping busy with all the sports. But, it's good for him. 


We went to a Brewer's Game (YES, weeks ago!)  that I just finally got around to editing the pictures for. 

We were there for a corporate party for one's of Dave's venders, so we got to go to the practice field first and play around. 

DSC_2323_edited-1 DSC_2327_edited-1
It was hot, and I caught Chase cooling off in the dug-out.  Doesn't he look so cute?  (Don't tell him I said that!)


We enjoyed the game, until Dylan conked out.  He dozed off in the middle of the game!
And speaking of Dylan, he isn't showing much interest in sports... yet!
Unless you count a little floor hockey, in the driveway, wearing a race car driver suit and flip-flops! 
That kid cracks me up! 

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Tamar SB said...

It's so funny how their interests can change just like that! The game sounds fun! Are you in WI or IL?

Iowa Sunshine said...

haha -- great photos and neat to see your boys evolving in interests. my boys are loving sports and my youngest has to have a Nike swoosh on his shorts -- LOL. i love the first pics with the evening glow. beautiful!

MG Atwood said...

so Craigslist the clothes! Yeah for baseball, the best sport of all! Love the shots, Brewers game was a highlight of my visit there.

Susan said...

Oh these are just amazing pictures of your boys. Loved each one.

Looked like they had fun♥

Jen said...

Wow, our lives are similar! I'm getting set to post about my Dylan's new sports themed bedroom and also about t-ball. Your little guys are so handsome. I hope you are ready for the onslaught of girls calling in a few years. Okay, maybe more than a few... if you're lucky! :)

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

What great All-American fun! Your boys always make me smile.

Abi said...

That photo of Chase catching the ball and the dust in the air? Wow! And the two of him in the dug-out?? Wow again! You are such an amazing photographer... and such an awesome mom!

Danelle said...

Your boys are so cute! And I love racecar driver floor hockey! :)

Honey Mommy said...

I think sports are great for kids! My boys love soccer and I am sure they will get into other sports as they get older.

Boy am I gla my boys are not opinionated about their clothes- yet!

Karen said...

They are so cute! We just made a trip to the Nike outlet store as we left the beach. My boys were in heaven! Glad you were able to make a Brewer's game. My sister is coming south this summer, so we will not be making the trip north for a few more months.

Jerri Washam said...

Such lovely boys! One good thing about this, though, is that Chase is now becoming self-assured and particular with what he likes. I think he is lucky ‘cos some kids don’t get to decide entirely on their own about their wardrobe preference ‘til they’re teens. Plus, a sporty getup seems to fit him well. And sports itself is good for kids. :)

Jerri Washam