Sunday, May 20, 2012

THE HUNT 05.20.12

It's Sunday. And ..... It's my BIRTHDAY!! Woot.  
I am now 35.  Which is starting to sound kinda OLD.  GHAHHHH!

And not only is it my birthday, but also my brother and sister's too.  Yes, all three of the kids in my family have the SAME Birthday.    Pretty cool, eh?  I love that we all get to celebrate together!

So, I  am enjoying a lazy morning. Catching up on my scavenger hunting.

[RAINBOW} DSC_9962_edited-1 DSC_9960_edited-1
We had a strange storm come through on Tuesday.  And once the grey skies cleared, the sun came out.  A light bulb went off in my head, it's RAINBOW weather out there.  I grabbed my camera, and although it was still sprinkling out, I was on the hunt for a rainbow.  How perfectly timed, right?

We went fishing on Monday at Daddy's work.  And he had a surprise to show the boys.  Seven baby swans had hatched.  Look how cute and fluffy they are, only days old.   I was lucky to get a few photos in.  Pappa promptly swam over and started his intimidation tactics. 

I had to get creative with this prompt.  I might have forgotten about capturing LETTER.  This one is of Dylan playing in the sand box with his shovel..... that has LETTERS on it.   (Hey, it's my Birthday, you gotta give me this one!)

On Wednesday, I chaperoned a field trip of 24  first graders to a local nature center. 
This shot is of the smoker that bee keepers use to stun the bees before they attempt to retrieve honey.  I asked if that thing works on first graders.  Hee!

Another shot from our fishing outing.  Here's a little glimpse of Dad's "office." 

So, phew.  Now I'm off to enjoy my DAY.   No big plans other than a nice dinner out.  I think a lazy, relaxing morning is in order! 

I'll probably be spending some time over at Ashley's looking through scavenger hunt entries.  You should join me!  


Kathy said...

WHAT??!!?? You all have the same birthday? That is CRAZY COOL!!!!! Happy birthday to you :). I love that swan photo and how the ripples in the water perfectly surround and frame that cute family!

Verna said...

I cannot pick a favorite. These are all great. I especially love "fluffy" and "tree". Oh, and Happy Birthday!!

MG Atwood said...

happy birthday! Wow, all of you?? Love that fluffy shot! Really great set, all of them. Have fun birthday and rest of your week.

Tammy said...

Happy Birthday to you and your bro and sis! That's amazing. And you're very young!!!

Enjoyed your photos. :)

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

LOVE these Brooke- seriously how perfect that you got a rainbow!!!

Happy Birthday!!!!! I find it absolutely amazing that you all have the same birthday- that is just super cool!

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday!!! That's crazy that you all have the same birthday!! And you aren't triplets, I'm guessing?... Hope you have a wonderful day!

Tamar SB said...

Happy birthday!! That is so cool that you all share a birthday!! Love those fluffy ducklings, so sweet!!

Stasha said...

Such great finds. And SO crisp. Your photos I love! And your new blog look.

Danelle said...

Happy Birthday! 35? Pshhh. That's nothing. I've been 39 for the last 5 years. ;) Love all your shots this week, especially those ducklings! And I might have to look into getting one of those bee smokers for my own children. Haha!

BF said...

Great shots, and Happy Birthday to you AND your siblings! How weird!

hiflight said...

Happy birthday. At least it would be hard to forget birthdays in your family. Great pictures. Rainbows are wonderful and the fluffy is timeless. Thanks

Karen said...

Happy birthday! That's crazy that you all have the same your fluffy photo!

Jen said...

Happy Birthday you young thing! (I'm nearing 40 as you know!) Hope you had a great, fun day. I love the rainbow shots. I once saw a double rainbow and I'm still mad that I didn't have my camera with me!

Ashley Sisk said...

How coool to celebrate your birthday with your siblings - happy birthday and beautiful set!

Colleen said...

I get sharing a birthday with your twin sister (that's kind of a given), but your brother too??? How cool. :)

Happy, happy birthday!

The Carters said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Two of our friends have that in their families but its just two on one day that's pretty amazing there are 3 of you:-) Lovely rainbow nice rich colors. Awww fluffy is so cute!

Kay Rhodes said...

Happy, love, love the tree shot. I have a passion for reflections...the image that isn't really there.

thoughtsofgrace said...

Swans are always special and I love the tress, water always attracts me.

Cathy H. said...

I really like your set!! Each one is wonderful! The little swans are so pretty. I love the big eyes of the girl right next to the lady in your metal shot! Great capture!

Ida said...

Your set is wonderful.
Great catch of the Rainbow.
I also really enjoyed your Tree and Fluffy.
Wow how did you all manage to have the same birthday? - Happy B-Day a little late. My hubby's birthday was the 20th too.

Holly said...

I really love your pictures. Especially rainbow and fluffy! So pretty! Happy birthday to you...and your siblings too!