Friday, February 3, 2012


I've been slacking on Insta-Friday.  Well that, and just about everything else in blogland too.
I blame..... words with friends..... and clickin moms..... and pinterest...... and my family.   They all seem to be eating up my time.   But that's okay.

Oh and insta-gram too.   I find myself cruising around in there too.  It's addicting, you should give it a try!

Here's what we got this week:
1.  The boys ate these right in front of me.... and didn't even share!
2.  My hair got DID.  It needed it.  Desperately!
3.  A heated round of Candy Land.  I never, ever win.
4.  Driving to the ski hill.
5.  My little shredder got his first lesson.  He thinks he's Shaun White now.
6.  At work.  Waiting on the phone to ring. 
7.  The boys have a jam session
8.  Gotta love Paper Jamz
9.  Oh yeah, and we had a heat wave.  I think it ended up getting to 54 degrees.  Crazy!
10.  I was the mystery reader in Dylan's preschool class.  The letter of the week - P
11.  Photo booth fun.  It accurately depicts how I felt.  Serious sinus congestion!
12.   Yeah, those are post-its.  I'm officially a dork.

Okay, that was fun.
Couple side notes - I take lots of selfies on insta-gram.  Why?  I don't know.  Maybe because my kids are getting too fast!

Dylan keeps curling up in my lap while I try to post this, saying, "Mommy Muggler!"  That means he wants to snuggle.  **swoon**

Oh, and miraculously, I woke up feeling SOOOO much better today.  The sinus pressure is GONE.  I think that the combination of Zicam swabs and two doses of EmergenC each day are actually heading this cold off.  YAHOOO.  Because I signed up for a photography workshop with this gal on Sunday and I want to be feeling GOOD for it!

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redheadreverie said...

I love all your self portraits on there. I never have photos of me because I'm behind the camera, so take full advantage of getting some selfies in there. You look so cute...

And shame on those boys for not sharing the donuts with you. :-)

Have a GREAT weekend. You might actually get some snow so the boys can try out their shredding skills.


Katie said...

I can't believe the boys didn't share the donuts! They look super yummy!

I loved the warm weather...I was home sick one of the very warm days, I went to Dominicks without a jacket!

The post it shot is great!

Jen said...

Your hair looks great. Who looks that cute at work?! Hope you continue to feel better!

BF said...

I could have really used that donut this morning. I'm quite partial to the sprinkles!

Sarah said...

Cute photos. Your boys are getting so big.

Megan said...

I wanna go to the workshop!!! Totally jealous!

Holly said...

That donut looks amazing! I want a donut now. :O

bailey k. said...

your boys are so cute!!

i love your photos! :) i'm starting a new instagram link party on my blog, and i'd love for you to help me get it started!

thanks so much!

Carolyn @ Our Precious Jas said...

Hi there, new follower! i love all your photos. Looks like you had a great week.