Thursday, June 30, 2011


This week's You Capture challenge is Water.  

Here are my week's worth of random water shots!
One more straggler from the carnival.  How perfect is this one for water, right?  I love that it looks like he is checking out the surfer gal.  Really, he is looking to see if his little brother is behind him before they enter the giant rotating surfer tube.
We took a little nature walk and found all these cool Lily pads. 

Splashing in the pool.

And playing at the beach. 

Oh man, this guy kills me.  Just look at that little face!
I didn't realize how much water we encountered this past week until I was doing the editing. 
And, this weekend is supposed to be a scorcher.  We may be seeking out lots more water in the days to come.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


....because I have a ton of photos to unload. 

It has been carnival crazy around here.   Two weekends in a row! 
The best thing has happened though...... the boys are ridding the rides..... get this.... TOGETHER!  We got off the hook pretty easy this year.  It was so nice.   Not that I don't love the tea cups... but OY... my equilibrium just isn't what it used to be.  I feel like I get dizzy if I spin around too fast in my office chair.  
And I don't even have a stiff neck from jerking around on the roller coaster.  YES!
The boys darted from one ride to the next, these guys are thrill seekers, for sure.  They went on the tea cups 5 times in a row the other day.   I think I was more green then they were. 
I  did tell Dylan I would do the little swings with him.   You can't pass up the swings, right?


Chase was much more interested in the bigger boy rides.  But he was pretty good about accompanying his little brother on the little kid rides.


Me' Me' even got the honor or doing the Ferris wheel thing with Chase.  I was more than happy to keep my two feet planted on the ground.   I am kind of a baby when it comes to the Ferris wheel.


[169] 06.18.11



I really wanted to get some night photos of the carnival with all the pretty lights.   My friend Melissa and I headed out the other night with our camera gear and got some weird looks, but lots of great shots.  It was fun.



So that sort of gets me caught up.  Who am I kidding, I am drowning in photos over here.  I  have lots more to share.... if I can sit down long enough to get them edited and posted.   Stay tuned.......

Have a great Wednesday, we are off for another action packed day.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


I mentioned yesterday that this week was a little uninspiring.
Keep in mind that most of these guys were taken last the dry spell ;D

Chase, humoring his brother on the little kiddie train.  What a good big brother he is... at times....


Light painting counts, right?  I conned my pal Melissa into a photog outing at our little local carnival that is going on right now.  We had a ball...... Thanks Melissa!

I had every intention of getting some cool MACRO shots of leaf veins, but it just didn't happen.  Dang.  Luckily, I was trying to capture how vibrant the colors are in this Morning Glory bloom (the photos still don't do it justice) and managed to get some leaf veins as well.  Phew.

This is me, with no make-up on (good thing it is a faceless portrait!) sitting at our garage sale, a little bored, modeling the cute new hat I bought at my friends little boutique

So, that is my set, can't wait to see the other interpretations..... go  ahead and take a look too....over here......

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Friday, June 24, 2011

[PROJECT 365: WEEK 25]

My week is blah.  And I am sorry about that.   I didn't really pick up my camera much.   I am pretty sorry about that too.   Is this the point in the 365 project where people tend to run out of steam?  Because, let me tell ya, I am feeling it.  A total lack of inspiration.  Maybe because I have been knee deep in garage sale junk most of the week.  That's gotta be it.  Next week will be much better.... I promise ;D

[169] 06.18.11
[169/365] 06.18.11 - A rare moment of tenderness between my two guys while in line for the bumper cars.

[170] 06.19.11
[170/365] 06.19.11 - Father's Day!  Here is our #1 Dad excepting his trophy that the boys picked out. 

[171] 06.20.11
[171/365] 06.20.11 - My husband ruined it for me.   I bought this cute little napkin holder the other day.   I got it on super clearance and thought it was kind of a fun and funky addition for our table.   That night my Hubby sat down at the table, looked at my bargain find and then looked at me and said, "Why would you buy a napkin holder that says FAT?!?!"    It is supposed to be EAT, but every time I look at it now, the only thing I see is FAT.    It's completely ruined..... $2 down the drain!

[172] 06.21.11
[172/365] 06.21.11 - I know, I take a lot of photos here in the sink with the water running.  I just can't help myself. 

[173] 06.22.11
[173/365] 06.22.11 - Love these Daisy's in our front yard.  They make me smile.   A lot!

[174] 06.23.11
[174/365] 06.23.11 - Grey skies..... are here to stay, it seems.

[175/365] 06.24.11 - I found a little sunshine on another yucky, grey day.

Have a great weekend!
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Bed time in our house is ridiculous. 
Seriously, it is CRAZY-TIME!

I would compare it to running a marathon.  Or (since we all know I would spontaneously combust before ever completing an actual marathon) at least running... like a WHOLE mile!  Although, I would likely pass-out if I tried to run an entire mile.  Anyway, you get my point here, right?


This bedtime marathon that I speak of involves: bathing filthy/splashy kids, wrangling them into jammies, brushing busy little teeth (all the while dangling story time over their heads to maintain some sense of order.)  Reading chosen books, so long as they earned them, and then ushering them off to their rooms and into bed. 


All that wasn't even the "CRAZY" part.  The crazy part starts when we are all set to snuggle them into their beds only to realize that ALL their lovies are M.I.A.   This happens every night, without fail.  I am convinced they are doing this to me on purpose.   So, then Mom gets to dash around, scouring all three floors of the house trying to locate each and every one one of these magic sleep elixirs.  Because ya know, they wouldn't even dream of sleeping without them. (Pun: totally INTENDED!)

Chase is pretty easy, he has one blanket "Buddy" and a bear "Packer" that  tend to stay pretty close to home base.

Dylan, on the other hand, must make it his mission throughout the day to prolong bedtime as long as possible  He actually hides his FIVE (sometimes SIX) little animals and two blankets.  It is as if he wanders around the house thinking of the most obscure, out of the way places to scatter his animals.  I have found them stuffed into random drawers, hampers, under cushions.... and my favorite is his backpack or suitcase.  He likes to utilize every single little pocket and pouch for each of his animals.   Maddening. 

One of these days, I am going to wise up and have the boys do a mandatory "round-up" before we head upstairs.  Some day.  Until then, I will continue sprinting around the house, bounding up and down stairs, fetching cups of water (because someone is always thirsty) and riffling through every odd and end in this house doing the nightly round-up.  

So, wait.  Really, I should be able to run a marathon with all the exercise I get each night.  Okay, well at least a 50 yard dash or something. 

But, it's worth it.   Getting them settled into bed and off to dreamland makes it ALL worth it.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

COFFEE TALK 06.21.11

Is anyone up for meeting for coffee?  Oh good.....because I would love some.
We could certainly meet at my house since it is eerily quiet here. 
My Mother-In-Law took both boys over to her house last night for an impromptu sleep over. 
*Shhhh*  let's just savour the quiet for a minute, shall we? 
I am really convinced that quiet is good for the soul.  And mine needs much more of it than it actually gets!

So, how is your summer going so far? 
Ours seems to be racing by. 
But that is usually how Summer's go, isn't it?

So, I have a whole day to myself and I am not even sure what to do with myself.  I think some cleaning and laundry are in order.  (Aren't they always?)  A shower too.... I really stink right now from my spin on the treadmill earlier.  And then.... hmmm..... some alone time in Target might be nice or maybe a date with my camera.   

I really don't know what to do with myself. 
As much as they drive me bonkers when they are here, I do feel a little lost without them.  Like a rowboat without her oars. 

I really should use this opportunity to start pulling stuff out and organizing for the garage sale that I keep talking about having.  Ughh... garage sales are one of my least favorite things.  It just seems like so much work.... but it really would help get this place organized.   

You don't know it, but right now you are giving me a kick in the pants and telling me to go down to the basement and start pulling out stuff to sell.   I need a really good kick in the pants sometimes.   Isn't that what friends are for?  


Maybe we should come up with a fun way to spend the plane tickets to Disney??  What do you think?  Any ideas?



So, if you were wise, which of course you are, you would make a quick exit before I put you to work hauling up boxes of old clothes and toys.  

Thanks for having coffee today.  Oh, and the pictures are just some randoms from the past week or so that I haven't squeezed into a post yet, but wanted to share.  They don't really have anything to do with our chat, but I hope you enjoyed some of our snippets of Summer so far. 

HUGS and see you next week.