Tuesday, May 31, 2011


It's Tuesday. 
It feels more like a Monday.... but it really is Tuesday.
It is finally warm and sunny and it sorta feels like the first real day of Summer Vacation.
So, we are all sitting around staring at each other wondering what to do with our freedom.
Come on over and join us for coffee, won't you?  You can join in our staring contest! 

I haven't really planned much of anything for us to do with our days this summer.  I keep meaning to sign the kids up for some classes.... activities.... sports...... stuff....  but have been a little reluctant to over schedule our days.  I feel like I have suddenly developed some fear of commitment issues.      It's not that I don't want to drive them to and fro from one activity to another.... because I totally do (are you picking up the sarcasm??)  The problem is that although Chase will say now that he wants to do said activities, when push comes to shove, and the time comes to head out, he will fight me on it.   So, for now, I think we will keep our options pretty open.    What about you?  What are your plans for the summer?  Do you like to keep a busy schedule or keep things loosey-goosey? 

Dylan would interrupt our coffee talk by pointing out that while the sun is finally shinning bright, our little flower is dancing away.  It is a source of great entertainment in our house these days.    Have you seen these cute little solar powered dancing flowers?   My good friend Keri handed these guys out at our last girls dinner urging us to put them in the sun and sit back and enjoy. 
"This flower will make you SOOO happy!"  she said.  And she was right.  I find myself just watching him bob back and forth.  It is hypnotic!  The boys have enjoyed it too.  I just hope they don't enjoy him too much and break him.    My sister and I have a bet going that he won't survive a week.  I hope I'm wrong!

Don't mind Chase sitting at the table with a little cup of medicine sitting in front of him.  We took him to the Dr. on Saturday morning and turns out he has Strep Throat.  Don't worry, he isn't contagious anymore!   It is really my fault for bragging to my sister last week that we made it through the entire year of Kindergarten without getting sick.  I should know better than to do those things.  Anyway, the Amoxicillian doses twice a day are turning out to be way more painful than the actual illness.   Only seven more days.... 14 more doses.... ghah....

So, back to coffee talk.  I would probably have to show you another one of my favorite gifts that I got recently.... because it is hard to contain my excitement!   I requested a set of these Kenko extension tubes for my birthday gift this year.  I love Macro photography but am not likely ever going to be able to afford a fancy Macro lens.  My photography instructor, last fall, kept telling me to buy these tubes, "It is like the poor man's Macro lens."     I was skeptical.  But have to say that I am really loving them so far.  I have only gotten out a few times.... but just look how clooooooseeee you can get.  AMAZING! 



Thanks for having coffee with us.  Enjoy your Tuesday.  I think it is time for us to motivate and come up with a game plan! 
Hugs to all ;D

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Saturday, May 28, 2011


Yes, that means it is time for the Scavenger Hunt.  You guys know the drill by now, right?    We have five things to find and photograph.   Well, I thought I would be sneaky and just get all five items in one picture. 

Here goes: 
This is a SELF-PORTRAIT of me, FRESH out of bed, sitting ON THE FLOOR, stretching and being a very STILL LIFE, all while wearing my new tennies that have some cool LINES on the bottom. 

That was sure easy!  But it feels like I cheated a little.
Besides, I really did complete the whole thing.... so here is the real deal now!


Classic still life, to me, is fruit.  So these are some grapes I bought at Costco the other day.   
And just pretend there is only one photo up there.   Sometimes, I have lapses of serious indecisiveness!



Power lines and lots of them.  I combined three different photos to get the effect of all those crazy wires. 

I love Summer for a plethora of reasons, but fresh fruits and veggies is right at the top of the list.  Yum!  Chase couldn't keep his mitts out of these raspberries.

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Friday, May 27, 2011

[PROJECT 365: WEEK 21]

Hey there!
I've got my week 21 all ready to share! 
Thanks for peeking in. 

[141] 05.21.11
[141/365]  05.21.11 - Tossing the Frisbee around the yard.  These guys love to do this.  And I just love to watch them.  I had forgotten how much fun a Frisbee can be.

[142] 05.22.11
[142/365]  Daddy and the boys pulled hundreds of tulips out of the ground on Sunday.   Busy, busy little boys.

[143] 05.23.11
[143/365] 05.23.11 - Keeping Dylan occupied during Brother's T-Ball games is a little trying at times.  When all else fails, feed him some fruit snacks!

[144] 05.24.11
[144/365] 05.24.11 - Man, do I take a lot of pictures of this guy swinging.   He loves it, so we are swinging a lot.  And it is an ideal time to take some photos because, well, let's face it... he is pretty much at my disposal.

[145] 05.25.11
[145/365]  05.25.11 - Chase brought a bunch of crayons home on his last day of school.   **sniff**sniff**

[146] 05.26.11
[146/365] 05.26.11 - DATE NIGHT!  My mother-in-law ended up taking both the boys overnight.  Woot-WOOT!  So, we headed out on the town to our local 50's inspired burger joint.  They have the BEST hamburgers.  This is Dave's - WHOOOAAAAA - he ordered the Double D and ended up taking half of it home.  My favorite burger is the Slap Yo' Momma.   Yeah, I feel a little ridiculous every time I order it.

[147/365] 05.27.11  - This guy is a little under the weather today.  He has a mild fever and just doesn't seem like his normal rowdy self.  He spent most of the day on the couch.  Of course, when I went in close to get a cute "sicky" pic, he perked right up and tried to block my shot with his hand.  Still a stinker, even when he is sick!
Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! 

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Thursday, May 26, 2011


I don't have to go far to find lots of pretty little pretties to photograph.  I love this time of year when trees and plants burst to life.  It is truly magnificent!   I am not sure if spring has always been this PRETTY, or if I have just been too busy to notice.    With the camera firmly attached to my body lately, I have certainly appreciated spring more this year than ever!

This is the last of the tulips.  We yanked them all out of the ground the other day.... sniff... sniff!
Even these guys are pretty, in moderation. 


This honeysuckle (?) tree in my neighbors yard not only looks pretty, but goodness, it smells Divine!

Oh, and I have been hard at work making lots of pretty little cards like this one. 

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


It's coffee time.  And I just woke up, crazy right?
Excuse my appearance.  No waking up early to work-out today.
I had the worst night of sleep last night.... I tossed and turned ALL night long.
I finally feel asleep sometime after my hubby's alarm went off at 4:30AM. 
Miraculously, the boys let me sleep until nearly 8.  8AM!!!  That never, ever happens in this house.

I don't know why I was tossing and turning all night.  So many things are weighing heavy on my mind, I guess.   I can't spill all the beans in this short little coffee date.... but one of the things that is a little unsettling is that Chase's LAST day of Kindergarten is tomorrow!!!

Here he is zooming down the driveway before leaving for school this morning.

How in the world is the school year over already??  It doesn't seem possible.    And it's not that I am really sad, because it will be nice to not have to cart him back and forth everyday.  And it's not that I am really happy either, because I am already fearful of the fighting and bickering and YIKES!  it just dawned on me that grocery shopping, or any shopping for that matter, is going to be impossible with both of them in tow.    So, I guess I have lots of mixed feelings about it.
Anyway, let's chat about your weekend.  Was it good?  Productive?   What are your plans for the summer? 
We spent most of our weekend doing yard work.  And you all know by now, that when I saw "WE"  I mean that my husband was the one breaking his back, sweating buckets, while I looked on and kept a watchful eye on the kids.  Oh and took pictures. 

Good thing he has such helpful helpers!  I picked up a rake at one point to help rake up some of the grasses and my wise-cracking neighbor asked if I was feeling okay.   I think I have a bad rep around here.  Outside is his turf (literally) and the inside is mine.  That is just kind of how we have worked it out.     
Besides, no one wants me trying to operate this guy!
Okay, I never actually got this posted this morning.
I had to upload the pictures.... vaccuum and mop the floors.... get dressed.... pack a picnic lunch for all of us..... and head to Chase's school for their end of the year picnic. 

Phew.  Sorry so late with the coffee post.  I need to go nap now! 
It's not going to happen, but one can wish, right? 

We will probably doing this all afternoon! 


Have a great Tuesday!  More coffee talk over this way:


Saturday, May 21, 2011


Phew, I just devoured the last 80 pages of Water for Elephants.  What an AWESOME book!  Do you ever get to a point when reading a book that you just resign yourself to the fact that you aren't putting the book down until it is D.O.N.E?  That was pretty much where I was at with this book.  I had to, had to, had to finish it.  Now, I want to see the movie.  Anyone gone yet?  Is it as good as the book?  They never are, I know, and it can't possibly be as good as this book was.  But I still want to see it.  

Phew.  Okay, I just had to get that all out.  I am on a little post-good-book-high right now!

So, how did the hunting go this week?  I think I got all mine, or at least close enough to (hopefully) pass. 

Capturing and documenting moments like this, THAT is what I am passionate about.  I love this shot and am so glad I can treasure it forever.   

Sing it with me!  "The HILLLLLS are ALLLLIVE..... with the Sound of MUUUUSIC.... ahhhhaahahaaaaaaaa....."

Every once in a while I catch expressions that reveal their personality, their sparkle, their inner beauty. 


I'll be honest here, I had no idea what to do with this prompt.  I took this photo while fishing with the boys (and freezing my tooshie off) last Monday.  I dialed up the vibrance a little and ran Pioneer Woman's Lovely and Ethereal action on it.  Twice.  And, all said and done, I kinda dig how it turned out. 


This big bush may not look that sharp.... but trust me when I tell you  (I have had to retrieve numerous balls and toys out of there)  that it is INDEED very pokey and SHARP!

These were a bit tough this week.  I am anxious to see what everyone else came up with.
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2. Self-Portrait
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4.  Lines
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Friday, May 20, 2011

[PROJECT 365: WEEK 20]

Hello, Hello!  It is Friday!  And.... (drum roll please).......it is my Birthday.  Which, really isn't nearly as exciting an event as they used to be.     But, hey, I am a year older, I got taken out for a fantastic dinner and it was a beautiful day.   So, all in all... a keeper. 

I am here to share week 20 of the 365 project.
Man, are we zooming right along, or what? 

[134] 05.14.11
[134/365]  5.14.11 - I took this really quick before I left for scrapping all afternoon.  I knew I needed to grab a quick shot.... so these are candle sticks on my dining room table. 

[135] 05.15.11  Candy Land!
[135/365] 05.15.11 - The boys pulled out a bunch of board games and since the weather was super stinky we played many-a-game of Candy Land. 

[136] 05.16.11
[136/365] 05.16.11 - Mondays means fishing, usually.  It was freezing, but we still went out for a bit. 

[137] 05.17.11
[137/365] 05.17.11 - I love these signs.  They make me smile.  This one is right at the beginning of our neighborhood.  I finally stopped to take a quick photo of it.

[138/365] 05.18.11 - I must have been sentimental this day.  I took a few pics of me holding Dylan's little hand.

[139/365] 05.19.11 -  Playing catch with Mom.  Only after a quick photo. 

[140/365] -It's my BiRtHdAy!  It's my bIrThDaY!    And my sister's Birthday (we are twins).... and my brother's Birthday too (we were born on his 4th Birthday.)   This photo is a bit silly.  Do I look like I am smoking a cigar?  I took it quickly this morning hoping to get this post posted right away.  But, the nice weather was too nice to resist. 

So that's it.  That's my week.   See you next week and have a great weekend, All.

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