Saturday, April 30, 2011


It is Sunday.  (Well, almost, since this is going up on Saturday night.)
This Sunday is exciting for a couple reasons.
Of course, I love Sundays because it means it is time to participate in Scavenger Hunt Sunday. 
But also, this Sunday my photog/scrapbooking/blogging/book-club friend, Melissa, and I are heading downtown Chicago for a photo safari.  All day. In the city. Taking PICTURES! Without kids!!!!! Does it get any better!?!?   I am beyond excited.  I just wish Architecture was on the list for next week's Hunt. 
Oh well! 

So, here are my interpretations this week.   I was having a very hard time deciding which pics to post for each category.  So, I gave up and just posted two. 

I wasn't overly excited about my: side of a building shot up there so I pulled one from the Archives.   It was taken forever ago at O'Hare Airport.   And I still love it!
Waiting for the Bus at O'Hare Airport

I took a million shots of these dew kissed grasses just as the sun was coming up the other morning.  I loved so many of them (I posted another in my 365 post yesterday) that I couldn't decide which to submit for the Hunt.

How is a Momma supposed to pic a favorite one here.  I just love those little pigs way too much ;D

When I told her I was posting her pic under this category she laughed at me pointed out that she is actually my ONLY sister.    True, but I could have 5 sisters and Beth would still be my favorite.  She is my twin,  my best friend.... and literally the other half of my being.  She is silly and crazy and occasionally lets me take her picture.  That puts her right into the FAVORITE category, no? ;D 

5.  SHADE(S)
And these two.... I just can't make up my mind.... red or green?? 

Wishing all my fellow Scavengers a wonderful Sunday.  I will certainly be making the rounds, but probably not until Monday.   

And now I am off to check just how many memory cards I can scrounge together.  I will likely need each and every gigabyte tomorrow.     Oh, and keep your fingers crossed for NO rain. 

Friday, April 29, 2011

[PROJECT 365: WEEK 17]

Week 17 has come and gone.  I snapped away, as I do most weeks, and am here to share a few of my favorites.  Enjoy!

[113] 04.23.11
(113/365) 04.23.11 - Splash time!

[114] 04.24.11
[114/365] 04.24.11 - The dash for eggs on Easter

[115] 04.25.11
[115/365] 04.25.11 - Catch of the Day!  Chase is obsessed with fishing these days.

[116] 04.26.11
[116/365] 04.25.11 - Peeks of blue.  It is, indeed, still up there!

[117] 04.27.11
[117/365] 04.27.11 - Beads of rain.

[118] 04.28.11
[118/365] 04.28.11 - Chase learns to play P-I-G, Nerf style in my entryway. 

[119] 04.29.11
[119/365] 04.29.11  - I snuck out my front door to catch the sun (THE SUN! THE SUN! THE SUN!) just as it peeked up over the roof tops and learned that it is SO WORTH getting up early for!

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


It was one of those busy good days today. 
Hence the really LATE coffee talk.
I left the house at 7:30am today and was on the run pretty much all day.
It is days like today when I realize how grateful I am for my dear Mother-in-law who comes and fills-in in my absence.  The best part is that it isn't a chore for her.  (At least she never makes it seem like it is!)  She seems to genuinely enjoy spending time, lots of time, with her grandsons.  Certainly not as much as they enjoy spending time with her.   The boys woke up and WOOTed with joy when they heard that it was going to be "a MeMe day" today.    As it is, she spends her Thursdays here with them and occasionally even does extra days, like today, when we have appointments and coffee dates and other adultish stuff to do.   

So, since this is my very LATE coffee talk, lets rewind and talk a little bit more about that fun coffee date with the very talented Hyacynth over at Undercover Mother.   The last time we met for coffee we had 4 uber-chatty little boys running around.  And if you have ever tried to carry on a conversation with 4 boys running around you know that it is IMPOSSIBLE to finish a thought... much less a sentence to one another.   So, we decided to give it a second chance without the boys and actually get to complete not only sentences, but entire conversations!!!  It was AWESOME. 

I find that I talk a mile-a-minute when given the opportunity.  So, what did we talk about???    Can you believe that we managed to avoid talking Chicago sports.  Ekk..... I guess I forgot that this is a very exciting sports night tonight for Chicago fans.  (Go Bulls and Blackhawks!)  And we didn't utter a peep about the upcoming nuptials of a very famous royal couple.  I know, crazy, right!?!?   We did talk a LOT about potty training.  When Mom's get together we always talk poop, don't we!  Only after we had run the gamet on poop, we ventured on to other topics.  We ended up chatting at length about an exciting event that Hyacynth is taking part in called the Creativity Boot Camp.   This event sounds amazing.  It aims to help people really dig deep and cultivate their talents in whatever medium participants want to focus on.   I really think this might be just the kick in the pants that I need right now to help me focus on my photography and take it to the next step.  Anyway, be sure NOT to head over to her blog and leave a comment because she is giving away a free slot to this event.  Wink, wink.   Really, you shouldn't do it. 
I kid.  Of course you should click on over and comment away.

Anyway, that's it.  I'm off to go root on the Bulls and then probably the Blackhawks (if I can stay up that late.)  My hubby is on pins and needles with all this excitement. 
Happy Tuesday Coffee friends and let's GO Chicago!

Monday, April 25, 2011


.... in our home and I hope in yours too. 

We thoroughly enjoyed Easter this year.  The boys (mostly Chase) loved all the fun preparations.  From making 4 dozen of Gramma Pamma's world famous egg-shaped, sprinkle laden sugar cookies (of which a WHOPPING SIX survived until the Big Day!)

To boiling eggs...

... and dying them lots of pretty colors. 
My fingers were green for 2 days and my fridge smelled pretty RIPE for two days too! 




Then little boys woke at the crack of dawn to sneak down and see what the Easter Bunny left.     Dylan got a cute little camping set and thankfully the Easter Bunny listened to our very specific orders and found the exact scuba set that Chase had his heart set on.  Phew!

To going to Church and enjoying a very nice service to remember and honor the real reason why we celebrate this holiday. 

To coming home to find that the Easter Bunny finally got around to leaving eggs at our house.  Daddy told Chase that he must have scared him off at 4:50AM when Dave encountered Chase in the hallway on his way down to "get a glass of water."  Certainly NOT on his way out to hide eggs before any little stinkers woke up.  





And finally we celebrated with our family who came with cards jammed full of dollars. 
(They know the way to these boy's hearts.  Look at those smiles!)
And then we ate way, way WAY too much candy and food.  
Really, a perfect Easter.

Hugs to you all and a Happy (LATE) Easter!

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You Capture, the prompt this week is PINK!  Those weird little fluffy pink things up their are bunny-shaped PINK marshmellows.    I wish I had thought to get a better picture of my husband on Easter.  He caught some flack for the hot PINK golf shirt he was sporting.  It takes a confident man to wear a hot pink shirt and make it look good (which, of course, he did! ;D) 

Saturday, April 23, 2011


I completed my scavenger hunt this week.... just in the nick of time!  Some of them I had to work a little to fit the theme.  You all are cool with that, right?  I hope that everyone is enjoying their Easter Sunday. 

I warned you early this week that I went a little crazy taking photos of this Daffodil.  I was in my garage and caught this reflection in my car window. 

It's the back of a park bench.

Don't you wonder what is going on inside their little heads sometimes? 

Chase:  Mom, stop playing with food and get me some more orange juice... please! 
Aren't Mom's allowed a little play time every now and then?!?! 


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Friday, April 22, 2011


What a week!  It was a busy one and aside from the weather, it was a pretty great week.   I just love when that happens.  

[106] 04.16.11
04.16.11  (106/365)  - Rain, Rain, Go AWAY!

Dylan wandered over to Dave with the DVD that he picked out at the library that morning. 
"Dadda, will you put my movie on?"
Dave, just being silly, said "Hmmm, I don't know Dylan...  Can I?" 
Dylan thinks for a minute, cocks his head and says "Well, Dad.  You is TALL enough."  Like duh.
(Our DVD player is up on a high shelf.)

[107] 04.17.11
04.17.11 (107/365)  - He came and he conquered!  Check out all those eggs.

I was putting Dylan down for a nap and he threw his covers back pointing to his feet, "But MOM, I don't have SOCKS on!"
I grab some socks and put one on and go for the other when he stops me and says, "Ummm, I guess I don't want socks Mom, I'll just wear my piggies to bed."  

I don't think I ever want him to start calling his toes, toes and not piggies!  Oh, and he also asks me to read his piggies.   "This little piggy went to the market......"

[108] 04.18.11
04.18.11 (108/365) - They warned us that we would probably wake up to a couple inches of snow.  I wasn't buying it, but sure enough, this is what my yard looked like Monday morning.

We're in the car driving along.....
Chase:  Mom, I'm thirsty!
Me:  Reach down and grab a mini water that is tucked in my purse.  I have learned to never leave the house without beverages and snacks!
Chase:  (After taking a couple chugs)  T.H.A.T was so REfreshing! 

Okay, this one doesn't sound that funny on paper, but if you heard the way he said it...   you'd probably think he had been wandering the desert for 3 days.  And I always laugh at the phrases the uses, he is sounding so "adult" lately.

[109] 04.19.11
04.19.11 (109/365) -  Our box of broken, mismatched, hodge-podge crayons.

[110] 04.20.11
04.20.11 (110/365)  - When all else fails... take a selfie!

[111] 04.21.11
04.21.11 (111/365)  - I was so happy to open my garage door and have sunlight flood in.  I had to snap a quick picture of it. 

I was at work all day and then got my hair done so I didn't get to see the boys pretty much all day.  Which rarely ever happens.  I called to say goodnight.  I can't recall anything specifically funny that they said, but I was beaming at how DARN cute they are on the phone.    Next time they start wearing on my nerves I am just going to have them call me on the phone!  Even if we are in the same house at the time, I am positive that I couldn't stay frustrated after hearing their cute little "phone voices." 

04.22.11 (112/365)  - A boy and his cat!  I came down this morning to find these two snuggled up on the couch.  I love it.

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And one more quick photo, a repost from the other day, that I am submitting for Fabulous Friday!
This week I learned how to shoot and download an even edit RAW photos.  I might be a believer.

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Oh and I wanted to also mention that I finally figured out how to create a button.   Almost three years of blogging and it feels like I am officially official with my very own little button.  I am not a "designer" by any means, so this was about as fancy as I could even figure out how to get.    Anyway, feel free to grab one and share the crazy fun. 

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