Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Vibrance to me means lots of bright colors.  Have I mentioned before how much I adore BRIGHT COLORS?

I really wanted to do this prompt a little more justice...but **sigh** I slacked off.
I will still share the little bit of vibrance that I did find.

A pack of pastels that I found in my craft room.   Gotta love cleaning and finding old stuff!

The Easter basket aisle at Target.  Those are some vibrant baskets!! 
The brightly colored towels looked so pretty all lined up in a row, I couldn't resist snapping a quick photo of those too.

(By the way, can you believe I pulled out my camera at Target?  That is BIG for me!)

And that's me.  I feel VIBRANT when behind the camera :D   Well, except for when I am at Target.  Then I feel guilty, like I am going to get busted for snapping photos of baskets and towels!  HA.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011


It is..... (deep voice).... SUNDAY - SUNDAY - SUNDAY!  And, friends, you know what that means!!  It is time for Scavenger Hunt fun with Ashley. 
This is what I came up with for this week's items. 



This is where you can often find me.  When I am not doing "ME" time :D 

If ever there was a thing to make you do some SERIOUS Hmmmm'ing, this has got to TAKE.THE.CAKE.  We went to the Pet Expo last Sunday to see the Amazing Acro-Cats do a live performance.  It was WILD.  Unfortunately, we didn't get there early enough to get seats so we had to stand and watch.  The majority of the show, I had a 30 lb. 3 year-old perched on my shoulders, so he could get a better view.  Obviously I wasn't able to get many photos off.    But you get the idea.  It was hysterical.  These cats rode skate-boards, pushed shopping carts, drove little cars, jumped through hoops, rang bells on command and even played the Rock Cat Instruments.   
You're Hmmm'ing, right?

5. "ME" TIME
This is not very original or creative, but oh-so realistic.   I spend the majority of my "ME" time right here!


1.  High Key
2.  Bedroom 
3.  Something Tiny
4.  Off in the Distance 
5.  Stripes

Friday, March 25, 2011


[78] 03.19.11
78/365 -  One more from CEC.

[79] 03.20.11
79/365 - Love Doves.  These two hang on our railing a lot.  They seem to be quite a pair!

The other day Dylan was sitting next to me on the couch with a light, heather-gray sweatshirt blanket draped over his lap.   I heard a big noisy sneeze followed by a whine, "Ohhhh nooo, Momma!"  I look over and sure enough, his sneeze (every last drop of it) was visible all over his blanket.  He looked at me and pouted, "I AHH-CHOO'd all over my banket!" 

[80] 03.21.11
80/365 - Genius!  When Mom's arms start feeling like Jello, have the Big Guy push the Little Guy.  Why didn't I think of this sooner?!?!
A few weeks ago Dylan insisted we take the "fence" off of his bed.   And no, we don't actually fence our children into their beds, he was talking about his guard rail, of course.   Anyway, off it went.  Things were going great until the other night.  I was watching TV (read: playing on the computer) when I heard a loud, unmistakable thud right above me.  I rushed up there to find a bewildered Dylan climbing back up on his bed. 
"What happened Buddy?  Are you okay???" 
"I wolled out, wight on my BOTTOM!" 
I couldn't help but chuckle a little.  I think that is the 3-year-old way of saying, "I fell on my ass!"

[81] 03.22.11
81/365 - No wonder I have no room to wedge anything else into my office caddy with all these scissors jammed in! 

[82] 03.23.11
82/365 - Spying some I Spy stuff. 

Chase was at the dentist a while back (this one is kinda old, but I want to document it still!) and we were discussing the whole tooth fairy thing with the dentist.  Our dentist told Chase that he and the Tooth Fairy are good friends and that she told him how tired she is of stepping over all the junk in kid's rooms these days.  That perhaps Chase should make sure his room is tidy so that the tooth fairy can easily get to his pillow, when duty calls, and give him his reward.    Chase, Mister-I-am-not-buying-any-of-this-nonsense replies very matter-of-factly to our nice Dentist, "So, you're really just trying to get me to clean up my room, aren't you?!?"

[83] 03.24.11
83/365 - It was a Happy-Meal-kind-of-Day!
[84] 03.25.11
84/365 -  Finally we are seeing some signs of Spring.  Although, you can't really see, but when I took this picture little flakes were flying.  Brrr!

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Opps, and adding this on.  Audrey picked my I Spy photo as one of her top 5 this week.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Is there a place (other than Disney Land) that screams YOUTH more than Chuck E. Cheese?
We had a Birthday party there on Saturday and I took the opportunity to snap lots and lots of photos for this week's YOUTH challenge.   
I vividly remember visiting a few Chuck E. Cheese's when I was little.  It is fun to see the same delight in my boys' eyes every time we walk in the door. 
They love all the games and the thrill of getting tickets.  (Dylan had just hit a mini-jackpot.  Love that face!)
Dropping coin after coin in the slots.  Man, my kids burn through those puppies FAST!
Dad usually gets in on the action too.  He tends to have just as much fun as the kids.
Brotherly love at it's finest!  "I am taking you down!!"
They touched every button, knob and handle in that place.  We made several visits to the anti-bacterial dispenser.
With all their tickets counted we made our way to the prize counter.  They agonized over their decision with Mom hoovering behind with the "OMG, just pick something already!!!!" look on her face.

They scored big!
Chase picked out these bad boys and Dylan walked away with a fist full of candy. 
Don't those glasses send you right back to the eighties?  I kept singing....My FUTURE's so BRIGHT, you gotta wear SHADES!!! 

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I know that I missed the boat with the coffee talk this morning. 
Sorry this is late.  I had something in the works from this morning that I just DELETED.....
It was BLAH except for the first part where I mentioned that this is my 400th post.  Which I was a little excited about.  I know.  I excite easily, apparently. 

But I do want to share something far FAR more exciting!  I met up with a fellow Virtual Coffee drinker today for coffee... for REALS!!!!  Like IRL  (In Real Life.)  Hyacynth from Undercover Mother came over for coffee today.  Isn't that exciting!?!?!  I warned you already, right, that I am a bit giddy.   We drank coffee and ate the scones I made (The-barely-edible-needed-to-stay-in-the-oven- for-5-more-minutes scones that my hubby concluded "had NO taste!"  I am no Baker, Friends.  If anyone braves up enough to meet me for coffee again, I will pledge to just buy a treat to accompany our coffee, K? K!) 

So, it was fun to meet up with a fellow blogger in person for coffee.  I bet you are just dying to know what we chatted about, aren't you?   Well, a lot and a little.  We had four little ankle biters running around.  So, you know... there was lots of conversation fragments floating around.  Which, by the way, is how all conversations go when toddlers are in the mix.  But we made some great headway, and people, she is charming and such a good Mommy.  I think it took me a while to get over the whole "This is soooooo weird, I know you in blog-land and now we are having a play date and drinking coffee together!!!!"    I am new to the meeting up with bloggers thing, but would certainly be up for doing it again.    FUN STUFF. 

I can't wait to find out what I missed with the rest of you for coffee talk.  Have a great one all!

(Can you believe it?  I didn't take a single picture.) 


Sunday, March 20, 2011


It is time for Scavenger Hunt Sunday again!  Are you guys as excited as I am?   Okay, probably not, because I am a nerd like that.  :D    

So, I realize that we were probably supposed to take a picture WITH a camera phone, but I chose to take a picture OF a camera phone.   Opps.  In my defense, I had to borrow the hubby's fancy phone to do this.  The camera associated with my phone can't even really be considered a camera.   

And I know this isn't an actual camera, but a lens.  But I still think it counts.  Right?    I know, I know.  I am really living dangerously this week.  :D 

I can't screw up this prompt, right? 

Although, do you mind if I add another? 
I took this shot early this morning just as the sun was peeking in and couldn't resist adding it in. 

Some of Chicago's most famous chairs. 
Taken:  July 2010, Wrigley Field


This might just be imperfection at it's FINEST!
Imperfect or not, I love that they see their Artwork as something magnificent and worthy of immense pride!


And this shot snuck into this post too.  Opps.  I just couldn't resist showing you how cool their paint plate looked after they were done "making" all their own colors.    Very IMPERFECT, right? 

Next week we have to find: 
1.  Decay (old/abandoned)
2.  Groups of Three
3.  Kitchen
4.  Things that make you go "hmmm"
5.  "Me" Time

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Friday, March 18, 2011

[PROJECT 365: WEEK 11]

Week 11 came and went.    Fast.  Really, really fast.  Aren't these weeks flying by? 
At least I have lots of pictures to show for it.   [Big Smile!]
Here are a few of my favs. 

[71] 03.12.11
71/365:  " Mom, why is your new bed so sink-y?    It is really hard to walk on this thing!" 

[72] 03.13.11
72/365 - Oldies but goodies.  Gotta love that my Mother-in-Law has boxes filled with Dave's old toys.... it keeps the boys entertained for hours when we go over there.

[73] 03.14.11
73/365 - I finally pulled out the paint and painted up these chipboard letters to hung in Chase's room. 

[74] 03.15.11
74/365 - Leaving all the paint stuff out from yesterday reminded the boys that THEY wanted to paint.  I quickly found the
W-A-S-H-A-B-L-E paints for them to create their masterpieces with.

[75] 03.16.11
75/365 - We had a few days of spring-like weather, which naturally called for several trips to the park. 

[76] 03.17.11
76/365 - St. Patty's Day!  It snuck up on me this year and didn't really have anything fun planned for the boys.  So, as a last ditch effort to do something St. Patty's Day-ish, I told Chase that if he ate all of his dinner that we could go get a Shamrock Shake.  He was SOOO excited, and honestly, I was too.  We got there and ordered our shakes just to find out that they had just ran out.  ALL GONE. Sniff!  So we had to make due with Chocolate instead.  We choked 'em down... because we had too... but didn't like it ONE bit!  *wink ;D*

[77] 03.18.11
77/365 - Old, dried up Hydrangea bunches.  They still have a certain charm though, I thought!

Audrey picked this one as one of her top five this week!  YAY :D 

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So that pretty much sums up a great week. 
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