Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I really love venturing into the City.  My husband, who isn't nearly as keen on crowds/tall buildings/hoards of people/traffic as I am, suspects that my zeal is simply that it gives me the opportunity to take a zillion pictures.  And while there is THAT, because I did take a zillion and TWO photos, there's also so much more.  I think I love it because it is so drastically different from where we live.    Sometimes I crave different..... variety.... change..... mainly so I can take photos of it.  But still!


We wanted to see the holiday lights and window displays and all that good stuff.  It was a relatively nice day, so we seized the opportunity to get out there and make some memories.  Ironically, we didn't really see the window displays we were hoping to see.  State Street Macy's is the place for that, NOT Michigan Avenue Macy's.  Who knew?  Well, the majority of Chicagoans know, just not us.

Oh well, we still found lots of good stuff.....

We did find the GIGANTIC Marilyn Monroe.  I'll spare you the backside shot. 

We also found Lego Land!  Bonus.




And after wandering the city for a few hours, we felt the overwhelming urge to partake in some yummy deep-dish Pizza.  That's just what happens in Chicago.

Unfortunately, we had a very pouty kid going in.  He couldn't eat a thing because his giant front tooth was hanging on by a thread........  until he popped that baby out.  He was so excited that he could finally take a giant bite of Pizza!



Magnificent Mile

After dinner, it was dark enough to really get a feel for how magnificent the Magnificent Mile is this time of year.  WOW. 
And then, THEN...... we went to the Lincoln Park Zoo................. and ZABAMMMMM  those lights were REALLY SOMETHING!



LP Zoo Lights

We were at a Zoo, so there were also a few animal sightings.   How exciting!


So that was our Sunday afternoon adventure.
It was fun, maybe a new annual tradition perhaps? 
And next year, we will even find the window displays!



tinajo said...

As you know, I have a strong love for that city as well - and these pics are a great reminder of that. I´ll get back there for sure! :-)

Jen said...

Love the zoo lights! I love going in to the city sometimes also - just so long as my husband is the one driving. We just went for a Christmas concert, and Dylan was a broken record, talking about how we MUST go to the fountain. Meanwhile, it was about 35 degrees!
Looks like you had a fun day and made lots of great memories.

Kelli said...

I LOVE I enjoyed the many pictures that you posted. Giordano's is my favorite pizza, hands down. I'm glad your little guy got to enjoy it. Those lights are just beautiful...what a treat. You should absolutely make this a tradition. Thanks for sharing.

Linda R. said...

I had a great time looking at your photos.. Sounds like a perfect day!!
That photo of you son with his tooth missing is too cute.. Hope you are having a happy day!!!

Hugs, Linda

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Calling by as another participant in This or That Thursday. These are lovely photos I love the Christmas light ones.

Katie said...

It looks like you guys had a great Sunday! You know, we haven't been to Giordano's yet, we always go to Malnati's on State!

AJ and I have a date to photograph Michigan Avenue and Navy Pier Friday night, and maybe heading back to the zoo for more pictures! He knows exactly why I love living in the city, all the places to take pictures!

Tamar SB said...

So fun!! I just love Chicago! My sister went to the U of C and I have cousins who live there and I just love getting to visit! Love that toothy grin too! I guess all he wants to Christmas is his front tooth!

Ellie said...

Chicago looks like a very vibrant city. Love all the tall buildings. The Christmas lights are awesome. Looks like a great afternoon out. :)
Thanks for your visit and comment, I appreciate it.

Lesley @ the floyd boys said...

What a fun day! Great pictures!! Thanks for stopping by today. I'm following :)

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

What a fun & magical time- fabulous memories!

Kim Stevens said...

I knew it was Chicago at first photo! haha I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, the tri-city area and have been in Texas now for 20 years! I'm so jealous you got PIZZA...they do not know how to make pizza here! Looks like such a magical day, thanks for sharing!!

Barb said...

How fun - thanks for the little peek into your day! love the lights at the zoo!

deb duty said...

Looks like a wonderful day! You did a great job of documenting it with your photos!

Mira said...

I love city life too but my husband isn't that keen either. Looks like you had a great day in the fantastic city! Thanks for sharing!