Monday, August 30, 2010


I remember reading an article a while back about the weird but true phenomenon that Mother's didn't find things like poop or vomit from their own children nearly as revolting as they would had the said icky stuff come from another person or even from another baby.  If I remember correctly, the article stated that the power of the mother's love for her baby can simply overpower her natural reflex to... ya totally disgusted and grossed out by things like poop.  I remember thinking yup, I totally get that.   Somehow I have endured getting peed on, puked on, and YES pooped on and lived to tell about it. 

So, with all that being said. 
I really [REALLY] think that little boys who are almost THREE years old

It doesn't seem right to put a Mother's LOVE to the test like this!

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Do you have any idea how long my son has been waiting to hear those words? 
He has been itching to see a race in person for years now.  And since he is only FIVE, that seems like FOR.EVER!  My husband, being the avid Nascar fan that he is, goes to lots of races.  He actually just got back from Bristol to see that race last weekend.  Chase was heart-broken, as he usually is when Daddy leaves town, especially when he knows Daddy is going to see a race.  Although, a little less this time because he had tickets IN HAND for the truck races which were this Friday.  That made Daddy's absence last weekend much easier to swallow.   

Friday FINALLY came.  It was a long week for Chase.  The traffic was BAD, but the weather was PERFECT!
We got there in time to check out all the vendors and trailers.
Then climbed the GIANT stairwell to get to our seats. 

Our view was awesome and the seats were PERFECT!
The trucks were loud, so the headphones came in handy.  I love those things.... I think I am going to wear them all the time to drown out the whining.

We invited Chase's friend, Roman, to come with us.  We didn't think Dylan would have made it.  And we were right, he wouldn't have!
I think he looks a little like Wall-E in this picture!
We watched a beautiful sunset and then this amazing moon popped out of the horizon. 
It was so big and orange that the boys thought it was the SUN!
Those trucks were so darn fast.  But you don't realize how fast from our seats up top.  So we brought the boys down to the ground level and watched (and FELT) them whizz by.  It was amazing. 

I think we officially have another RACE FAN in the house!
What do you think?

Kyle Busch won, as usual.  My hubby watched him make history when he won all three races at Bristol and then again on Friday at the truck races.  Maybe Dave is good luck! HA :D

Thursday, August 26, 2010


I turned OFF my air yesterday for the first in months.  Can you believe it?
It is so refreshing to feel the crisp, cool air.  It even smells good.... like with it it carries a hint of the season to come.  And I can. not. WAIT!!!

I wanted to share some random pictures, in no particular order, of the great outdoors around our house for this week's You Capture Challenge.    Phew, I was so glad to do some outdoor shots after those kitchen pictures last week.  So much more in my element here!

I was trying to take some shots for Chase's new skateboarding room.  I went to buy some stock skateboarding photos, and they were a little pricey, of course they were also much cooler. 
Oh, well, these are FREE!


And about this time my mail man pulled up as I am crawling around in the drive-way trying to get low enough to take these. 
I waved and laughed, "Don't even ask!"  He just nodded.  He thinks I am nuts, for sure!

Every time Dad fires up the blower, Dylan comes running over so that Daddy can do this.  He thinks it is the funniest thing ever.  We love cheap entertainment!


Chase is still golfing around our house in circles all day.  There are lots and lots of divets..ekk! 
Either that, or pretending he is a wild animal.  It is usually one or the other!


Head on over to I Should be Folding Laundry for more fun outside captures.

Have a great Thursday, Peeps!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Tonight was Pizza Night at my house. 
This happens weekly.  Although, not nearly enough if you ask my husband! 

We usually try to coordinate Pizza Night at our house with Half Price Pizza night at our little local Pizzeria.
Although, it doesn't usually work out.
They do Half Price Night on Mondays, which sorta stinks if you ask me.  I should talk to them about this issue.    I am usually feeling so guilty about eating out all weekend that I can't justify ordering a Pizza on a MONDAY. 

So, I cooked on Monday.
And when I asked my hubby what he wanted me to make him for dinner tonight, he hopefully answered, "Pizza?"
My cooking is that good, folks!  
We demolished a pizza. 
While I was cleaning up the left overs, I had a good chuckle at my husband and his "humor." 
He advised me early on in our marriage that throwing out pizza is "grounds for divorce!"  A little extreme, YES!  He is very passionate about his PIZZA people.   Although, if you know my hubby and his tendency for scarcasm, you know he is kidding.... I think/hope!  :D

Even if it is just one last slice that has been sitting around for an hour and no one really wants or needs it.  I just figure, why not toss 'er?    A saying from a friend comes to mind... you can either WASTE it or WAIST it.    Personally, I vote for the waste one... and am gonna do it too... some day.....if I ever get brave enough - HA!


Do you think he'll be upset about those last few crumbs? 

Anyone else have a running "grounds for divorce" joke going with their spouse? 

Monday, August 23, 2010


My skull, a vice.
My nose, a faucet.
My throat, raw.
My body, exhausted from lack of sleep.
Remind me to never take a decongestant before bed again!
My face, pimpley. 
It is so embarrassing.
My mind, swimming.
My shoulder, limp. 
I don't know what I did to it.
My heart, still singing in spite of all the above. 
My hubby returned from a 5 day trip yesterday.

The photos, from a recent trip to Chuck E. Cheese.... before I fell apart.



"You buckled Chuck. E.?"

I think I need a sick day.
Don't you wish there was such a thing?

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Today was Chase's first official day of Kindergarten. 
We have shopped and sharpened and prepared and packed. 
We were READY!

He reluctantly let me take a whopping FOUR photos this morning.  These are the best I could get.   
Have I mentioned lately how hard it is to get a decent photo of my guys?


I was planning to play the whole thing really cool.  That was my intent.  We live in a "Walk" zone, so I didn't have to send him off on a school bus or anything.  We also live in a district where Kindergarten is all of 2 1/2 hours a day.  It is essentially pre-school.... just every day.  I kept reminding myself of that as we pulled up. 

We walked up to the school, Chase leading the way, and NOT looking back. 
"Mom, you don't have to come in.  I know where my room is."
"Mommy wants to make sure you get there, Honey.   Just on the first day. We will follow behind.  Just pretend we aren't here."
He quickly found his room and his new teacher, Mrs. Donaque.  (He keeps calling her Mrs. Donaque instead of Donahue.  Isn't that FUNNY?  I almost don't want to correct him!)   He put his GIANT backpack in his locker and sat in line with all of his new classmates.  Dylan and I backed away,  letting him have his space.  Then he looked up, searching to make sure I was still there and SMILED - a smile that said he was glad that I insisted on walking him all the way to his room.   And that is when it happened.  The tears leapt out of my eyes. 

I waved good-bye, blew him a kiss and mouthed "I LOVE YOU!"   We walked back down the long hall, Dylan and I, hand-in-hand, while I slid my sunglasses down over my red, filled-to the-brim eyes. (Thanks for the tip Heather!)


The time flew, he loved every second of it and emerged from that building walking a little taller. 


We DID it!  Both of us, and actually it was a GREAT day!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Lots of stuff happens in my kitchen.  LOTS. 
We eat (OFTEN,) we congregate, we chat, we color, we read, we craft, we play and we make lots of messes. (LOTS!)   It is the place where it ALL happens.  But I think that's probably true in just about every home.   Right?
I could also say that I cook in there, which I do, but that might be a bit of a stretch.  Honestly, cooking is not my forte and baking, phew - forget about it, that is seriously a challenge.  (My family will back me on that one!)    So, when I realized that this week's You Capture Challenge was: In the Kitchen, I was a little frightened.  (My family was too! HA.) 

Then I remembered that I signed up to make a dish to bring to a picnic, one of my favorites that my mom used to make for us.  I thought PERFECT.  I can get some photos and play along with this week's challenge. 

This was about as far as I got.  While making the crust, Dylan yelled from upstairs that water was spilling all over the floor.  I rushed upstairs to find the water on (full blast) while the stopper was closed, as it usually is for the cat, and water was spilling everywhere.  Chase had been styling his hair, for said picnic, and left the water on and flooded my bathroom.  What a mess!    Anyway, after that I was a little off my game and in a major hussle to finish up after taking an hour to clean up the water disaster.

It still turned out great, it always does.  And I did manage to take this quick one during clean up.
Mmmmm.  Now you want to go lick a beater, don't you?
Batter tastes better off a beater, it just does. 

And since you twisted my arm (YOU DID!) I will reluctantly share a few more photos of the little guys eating dinner.  Yup, that is MickyD's that they are eating.  I am not proud, but I am honest.   We try not to cheat too often, but occasionally they/MOM needs a treat.  Especially on night's when Daddy isn't going to make it for dinner.

And darn if it isn't always tempting us.  We can see the golden arches from our driveway. 


As an added bonus, it is one of the ONLY meals that my boys will happily scarf down in record time. 
Sometimes we need to NOT have dinner time battles. 

Especially on the eve of such a monumentous day. 
Kindergarten starts to-mor-ow, to-mor-ow, I love YOU, to-mor-ow... it's only a day A-WAY! 
Yes, I broke into song.  I think I am really excited about it mainly because HE is super excited about it.    He neatly put piles together of his outfits (all the way down to the socks and underwear) for the next two days.  Is that cute or what?    He is ready.  And Mom, well, she is just going to follow his lead!

Wish me luck. sniff... sniff.....

Monday, August 16, 2010


Hey, how exciting, I just realized that this is my 300th post. 
Is that crazy, or what?    I can't believe I even have anything left to say after 300 long, rambling posts.  Thanks so much for reading along with me.  For whatever reason, it is reassuring to know someone out there reads this stuff.  Well, besides my mom and sister anyway!  HA.  

During my last visit with my Mom we were talking about how awful it is to be soooooo far from eachother.  She looked at me and said that this little spot, my blog, HELPS ease that ache.   And for that I am grateful!  Thank you blog. 

Anyway, my original plan was to share a few glimpses of our weekend. 

"FOUR!"   (Do you see the "tee box" that Dave cut in the lawn for Chase to use to hit golf balls.  That kid has one-heck-of-a swing!)






Just a few shares of a pretty low key, yet non-stop weekend filled with friends, water, golfing, barbeque, fun and lots and lots of mosquito bites.  Blah, they are so bad this year, I had to fight them off before they flew away with Dylan.  They really like him. 

I hope your weekend was just as easy-going and enjoyable.   We are cleaving to these last few lazy days of go-with-the-flow before school starts.  Although, I think it is time.  I am ready to add a little bit of structure back into our world.

Oh, and has anyone seen EAT, PRAY, LOVE yet?
Our Mom's group went last night and I was the only one that liked it.  As it typically is, the book was certainly better.  But, overall I thought it was a pretty good adaptation.   Right?

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