Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Since all we do is PLAY around here, one would assume that I would have lots of lovelies to show off for this You Capture challenge, right???  (The theme is PLAY.)  Well, unfortunately not so much. 

We have been running around CRAZY this week. 
I have been slacking on the photo-taking... well, and the blogging and the housework and the cooking.... I could literally fill pages of all that I have been slacking on, but I am sure it isn't necessary.  You get the point, right? 

On to the goods.  I did manage to get some cute bath time shots of Dylan PLAYing with his prized letters.  He loves those things. 





Opps, and one more of him digging.  There is something about digging that seems to captivate little boys.  I, personally, don't get it.  But, whatever keeps 'em entertained!

Check out I Should be Folding Laundry for other PLAY photos.

Monday, July 26, 2010



Where did summer go?  We are hurdling fast towards the start of school.  The start of the start of school.  KINDERGARTEN!  I still can't believe we are here.  Already.
My baby, my little guy, is getting so BIG, so FAST and I can't help but feel that once he starts school, the accelerator will hit the floor.  But it doesn't.... right?  (Just lie if you have to!)

We have been doing a LOT of school shopping.  (SCHOOL SHOPPING!!!  It still sounds wierd to me.)    Today, we swung into a shoe store, all of his are pretty ratty (to say the least!)  He wanted some Vans, he had his little heart SET on Vans.  And not the slide-in kind either (remember the black/white checkered ones... they are STILL around!) that I was pushing for, but the tie kind.  The kind that the skateboarders wear.  (Have I mentioned Chase's obsession with skateboarder apparel.  He has hardly worn a thing all summer long that didn't have a skateboard on it.)  

So, we made a deal.  He could get the lace up shoes, IF he learned to tie them.  (I am really that LAZY and MEAN!)  He agreed and when we got home, that little stinker sat down and with very little help for me, LEARNED TO TIE HIS SHOES!    I was floored.  I guess it goes to show you that if there is a will, there is a way. (And this kid has some serious will... but it has to be on his terms!)  He was so proud of himself and has been struting around in his new shoes all afternoon. 

Later, at bed time Chase declared that he was no longer going to take bathes and hopped in the shower instead.  (WHAT??)  He has never taken a shower before in his life, too afraid of getting water in his eyes.  Then at story time he grabbed a chapter book instead of a picture book. (HUH??)  What is going on around here? 

Seriously, this kid is five going on fifteen.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Dear Humidity:

I hate to have to be the one to tell you this... but....  YES, we are having a Summertime party around here, and unfortunately you are NOT invited.   Heat is invited, Sunshine is too, but (don't take this the wrong way) we just don't want you to come.  If you weren't so obtrusive, we could certainly handle you in small doses.  But the truth is, you tend to take over and ruin all the fun.   You reap havoc on my hair (which I STILL painstakingly straighten), cause my mascara to smudge, my skin to be sticky, my feet to swell, you zap my energy,  and cause my flowers to wilt.  Don't even get me started on the ComEd bill we just got - GEEZ - we set an all time record.    You two must be in cahoots or something.

Anyway, we really want to enjoy the party that is Summertime and would appreciate it you could find somewhere else to rear your ugly head.   Oh, and take your little punk friend, Heat Index, with you. 
K' Thanks!
From -
Brooke n' Boys

Friday, July 23, 2010



It is quiet now.... finally!  Ahhhhh,  pure bliss.
It has been a non-stop parade of whining, griping, sniveling, groaning, guilting, begging, and complaining....... to the point that I was tempted to take off my sweaty socks and stuff them in each ear.  Not kidding!

It could be the weather, I guess.  We are WILTING over here.  It is insanely hot, actually TOO hot to play outside, for any length of time anyway.  That makes my kids miserable. 

It could also be that I announced first thing that it was a Y day, as in, the YMCA.  Did I tell you I joined a few weeks ago?  I DID!  Can you believe it?  I haven't EVER, EVER joined a gym.  It was kinda scary at first, but I am learning the ropes and really enjoying it.  At least I enjoy it when I am actually there.  The getting there is the hard part.  Once I drop the bomb that we are heading to the Y, the parade (the one I described above) begins.  I start wondering if it is worth it.  Is it?  It is, it really IS.  (POUNDING this knowledge into my head!)  I get there and drop the boys off (Chase had tears in his eyes, TEARS!  Seriously, he was laying it on pretty thick this morning) and get an ENTIRE hour to focus on ME!  I get to watch the NEWS and clear my head and work up a sweat.  It feels good, really GOOD.  But that darn Mommy Guilt creeps in.   Especially when I go to pick them up and they are hoovering near the door, watching the clock, counting the minutes.  They will get used to it..... right?  I have only been going 2-3 times a week.  It's not like I drag them there daily!  Anyway, I am determined to keep up the regimine, amidst the groaning, hoping that they will grow accustomed to it..... eventually.

Do you have Mommy Guilt?  Do share.....  

(If for no other reason, to make me feel better about torturing my children with the daycare at the Y! You're the BEST.  Thanks!)

Thursday, July 22, 2010


This weeks You Capture Challenge was Black & White... easy... right?  Not so much, not for me,  at least.  Setting out to take photos with the intent to convert them over to black and white was harder than I thought it would be.  I really struggled to figure out exactly what makes a good black and white photo. My conclusion is that a dramatic photo with lots of contrast and good composition = a good black & white. 

I am not sure that I succeeded in my mission or not.  But I will share with you my best attempts. 









We pulled this guy out of the pool before Chase's swim lesson.  **eeeekkkkk*

That was actually pretty fun.  I guess I should go black & white more often.  I have a really hard time making the switch, though.  Is that strange?  I just love color so much and seem to have a hard time letting it go.  I might have to learn to get over it, eh?

Head on over to I Should Be Folding Laundry to see loads of other black & whites, click HERE.  I have a feeling these are going to be GOOD!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Well, it hasn't been the best of seasons for the poor Cubbies and this game that we went to was no exception.  It was actually a tad bit pitiful (I think they ended up losing 12-0.)  But, hey, going to see the game is still a blast and such a happening.  The boys have never visited Wrigley Field before and they loved it, of course!  What is not to love?  Lemonade, Hot Dogs, Cotton Candy and even.... you guessed it....some CRACKER JACKS!    And honestly (thankfully) they could care less about the actual game. 






They even got cool certificates for their first visit.  Note that the game was a few weeks ago, before our trip.  I really meant to get these up before we left, but dangit, it never happened!





One last pic to share of our ride home, while sitting at a stop light.  My poor hubby, he is asking me at this moment, "Why are you taking a REALLY close picture of my sunglasses?"   This is probably reason number 24,786 on his list of Why My Wife is CA-RAZY!  The torture he is subjected to, I tell ya.  DSC_0169_edited-1

I do like how it turned out though.  There are little peeks of all of us in there - you just have to search to find them. 

Monday, July 19, 2010


It is a good thing we live in the age of cell phones equipped with cameras or it is possible that no one would have believed this fish tale.


And even though we have photographic evidence, Chase was showing his friend how big the fish was that we caught and it managed to grow and grow and grow to the very tip of his little fingers stretched as WI-----IDE as they could go!

And in other news:  it may look a little different around here.  I get bored sometimes (all the time) and decided to update, streamline and rename.  I wasn't loving my old name and I think I like this one better.   Take the poll on the right sidebar if you have a second.  (I must have been really bored, right?  I mean - a POLL!?!?!)   So, if I decide to commit with this new name thing, does anyone know how to go about changing the url?  Is that even possible??

Sunday, July 18, 2010


This was us in Denver last week during our layover.  We had about an hour and a half to kill which I thought was perfect.  We could grab some food, stretch our legs, explore a little (Read: expel some serious energy before our next flight!)
However, my two little guys didn't want to budge from this very spot.  They looked just like this... for a solid HOUR!
Mom, stop taking pictures, we are BUSY!
Looking at this:

Oh my, there were fascinated by all the activity on the tarmac.  It is apparently pretty exciting stuff.   Which was just as well for me, I was busy curled up in a ball, gulping for air.  I was NOT feeling well for our trip home.  I think that stomach flu thing that made its rounds during our trip hit ME on the very morning that we had to venture home.  YUCK.

Oh, and moments after I took these photos, I fished through my backpack for the 7-Up that I bought to settle my stomach before our first flight.  I don't know what the deal was, possibly pressure built up during our flight or something, but when I opened that sucker up a huge FOUNTAIN of soda shot out everywhere soaking Chase and I (a little even got on my camera.  MY CAMERA!)  Then the little punk kid a few seats over yelled, "HOLY CRAP!"  Every head in the entire waiting area turned my direction.  Great.  But, better yet, guess which phrase my lovely children kept repeating for the rest of the day?

I guess I should consider myself lucky that I made it this long without my kiddos repeating a four letter word, right?

Saturday, July 17, 2010


I just love these pictures too much not to post them! 
We visited lots of cool parks, the new KROC Center and even the new library during our trip.  After each stop I walked away muttering, "Why didn't they have ANY of this cool stuff here when we were kids?"    Every time I visit, that town grows more and more!





A tire swing + Sun + Blue Sky  + a silly Mommy = PURE JOY

Friday, July 16, 2010


A few more photo shares from our trip.  I am winding down with these.... I promise!!!  

Pools, lakes, boats, beaches, fountains even..... we did it all!
Part of what I love about Coeur d' Alene is all the recreation that living right next to big mountains and a crisp, blue lake affords. 

Chase loved all this splashy fun, while Dylan preferred to hang out in the sand or pool side, anywhere OUT of the water.   Hopefully this is just a phase!





The best part is that I remember playing at this beach as a kid, practically DAILY in the summer time.  My mom played on this beach as a kid too, as did her parents.  Four generations, enjoying the same good, clean fun.  Amazing!








By the end of the trip, Chase was JUMPING in the pool.  Unbelievable... three weeks ago he wouldn't even put his face in the water.     Soon, he will be swimming on his own.  I can't believe how fast he seems to be growing up these days.  **sniff, sniff**