Thursday, December 31, 2009


I just clicked to start a new post and noticed that THIS is my 200th post! I can't believe that I even have anything else to say after 200 long, rambling posts! And I REALLY, REALLY can't believe that anyone is even still reading along - shocking, right? :)

So, how is everyone ringing in the New Year.... actually new DECADE!?!?

We have a few invitations out there, but since my two little boys both woke up with coughs and "scratchy" throats, we may opt to just stay in, make a nice meal and celebrate together. Similar to how we rang in the Millennium New Year, 10 years ago. What a momentous occasion that was for so many reasons. Most importantly, for me, it was the night that Dave proposed.... right at the stroke of midnight! It is strange that it seems like just yesterday, in some respects, and like an entire lifetime away in others. Does time pass like that for you too? So close, yet so far.

I am starting this New Year feeling a little restless, craving some sort of change, big or small. I can't really explain it, I just feel....well....maybe bored. So, when we took down all the Christmas decor last night I insisted that we do some furniture re-arranging. And wow - that definitely scratched the "itch" I was experiencing. I would highly recommend it. And I am not stopping there. I am cleaning and organizing and have big plans to do some painting and redecorating!! I want our space to be a little more "adult" and a little less "romper room!" We will see how long it lasts, HA!

I considered posting a list of resolutions. But, I am getting lazy and since I didn't do so hot with the ones I posted last year I am not even going to bother. But I will share with you though that as I ring in the New Year and new Decade, I want to focus on continuing to make POSITIVE CHANGES in my life!

That's it! For now.....

Monday, December 28, 2009


Yup, we got a bit of snow on Saturday. Which made for an extra fun day on Sunday!We started out by putting our new blocks together. Who knew plain ol' blocks could be so much fun? The boys love them, and I got them on super sale at work, but I didn't really consider the SIZE of all the bricks. We are just adding them to the growing mound of new toys in our family room. We haven't really found a resting place for all the new stuff. Meaning it hasn't settled into the existing mess quite yet. So, for now, it is scattered around our family room. Chase was very proud of his Christmas present that he made for Mom at school. We hung it on the tree, front and center, for all to see!
The boys get their first snowmobile ride with Dad. Boy, did they think that was FUN. Watching them tooling around with Dave reminded me of my many, many childhood hours spent bumping along on the front or back of my parent's snowmobiles. Ah, those fond memories of peeing in the snow in the woods, frosty fingers, beautiful views of the Rocky Mountains, and my parents having a great time with all their friends. Isn't it weird that they weren't much older than we are now in those memories? Crazy!

I have a feeling we will be doing LOTS more snowmobile rides in the future.... the boys are hooked!

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Christmas Day was a little more WET than WHITE around here.... sniff, sniff. But, let me tell you, we are making up for it today! The photo above was taken off my patio in the middle of our BLIZZARD earlier today. I think we currently have about 10 inches and counting. The boys (big and little) are thrilled!
Our Welcome Wreath
So, how was every one's Christmas? Ours was a non-stop whirlwind. But, soooo much fun. The boys were giddy and antsy and woke up early.... like 6AM. Chase shuffled into my room exclaiming in his super-excited (and LOUD) little boy voice, "Mommy, I hear something! Is SANTA on the roof??" (It was just the wind and rain - yuck!)
"No" I mumble.
"Then let's go see if he ate the cookies we made!!!!"
I relent and follow him down the pitch black stairs. As soon as I flip the switch to the tree lights I see his eyes light up, not at the pile of presents that magically appeared under the tree overnight, but at the fact that all that remained on the cookie plate were crumbs. Then his eyes trailed towards the tree and his eyes got as big as saucers when he saw all the loot. We talked excitedly about how we hadn't heard that sneaky Santa slip in and wondered if he landed right above Chase's room on the roof. It didn't take long before I heard Dylan calling my name, "Momma, wa-are-u?"
Once Dylan and Daddy were up, Chase insisted that we start opening presents right away. I tried to side-track them with the stockings, but that only bought us about 10 minutes. Just enough time to get some coffee brewed up! The boys got a TON of these Bruder trucks and they couldn't be happier with their new fleet.
Of course, there was a lot of bickering about who got to play with which..... OY, brothers! We went through about a half-dozen cycles of opening, playing, chilling and eating. By the end of the day they were completely tuckered out, we all were! This poor little guy doesn't even want to open any more presents!
As we tucked Chase snug in bed, he said to us in a dreamy, far-away voice, "That was the BEST Christmas EVER!!!!"
I couldn't agree more.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


We woke up this morning to find a thick layer of ice covering everything in sight. What a yucky, messy day out there. But, it is Christmas Eve so we hunkered down and enjoyed it. I did some last minute shopping and wrapping, and the boys made cookies for Santa.

Dylan chatted a little with the big guy. He has been doing this for the past week or so. It is hilarious. He wanders over to the little Santa's hanging on our patio door and starts chattering away. It usually goes a little like this: "Hi Santa. How you? What ya doin' Santa? I beena good boy, Santa!"

We got all dressed up for Church and the boys thought they should take some photos. Even felt the need to pull out the tripod. They love playing with the camera but refused to pose for a family photo.... what else is new?!?! We went to church and were reminded why we have been a little delinquent on doing that as of late.
A double dunk and then a couple BIG bites!
We got home and before bath thought we should taste a little sample of the cookies and milk that we were putting out for Santa. Funny, the boys didn't insist on tasting the carrots we put out for the reindeer. Strange, right?

So, now the little guys are all asleep (I hope!), the presents all piled around the tree and the stockings stuffed to the brim. I settled into my big comfy couch right next to the tree, with my new laptop (an early Christmas present for my hubby!) and am just sitting, trying to soak up every last drop of Christmas before the chaos of tomorrow unfolds.

Wishing a Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!

Saturday, December 19, 2009


A fresh layer of snow fell over night, so we convince Mommy to leave the laundry and toilet scrubbing behind to head outdoors and muck up all that fresh snow. (Who could resist this face?)
We "help" daddy shovel. (By putting snow BACK ON the driveway.... grrrr!)
We have a snowball fight.
(Don't worry, she got him right back!)

We pull the sleds out of the garage and wallow around on them in the yard until Mom and Dad break down and agree to take us to the SLEDDING HILL!

We race up the hill and sail right back down, grinning ear to ear.
We climb up and whizz down a couple dozen more times.
Mom wonders who is having more fun..... the little boys or the BIG boy???? (It's a toss up, I think!)
We pile back in the van with frosty fingers, bright red ears, pink cheeks and adrenaline induced smiles frozen on our faces, chatting about hot chocolate and marshmallows the whole way home.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Months ago, I overheard my mom tell a friend of hers that she wanted to start a blog. I took that as her way of asking ME to go ahead and get one all set up for her. Yes, that is probably a bit of a stretch. But of course I hopped right to it and got one started for her PRONTO. We decided to name it Journaling Life's Journey. Despite my enthusiasm her poor little blog just sat... and sat.... and sat. Until the other day! She got very motivated to spread the word after a very moving seminar that was hosted at her High School. Do me a favor and head on over to HER BLOG (click here for link) and read all about it. And, while you are there, leave her a comment too. She would LOVE it! I am so proud of my mom....... the blogger.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I just can't even express how awesome it is to see and feel the MAGIC of Christmas through the eyes of these little guys of mine. From watching all the Christmas specials and movies on TV, to all the decorations inside our home and outside too as our entire neighborhood comes aglow after sunset! I can't help but get caught up in it all and hope that the memories we are making for our boys are just as magical as those we hold dear in our hearts from our own childhood Christmas's.
Did I mention that I sent out my Christmas cards? I actually sent them out a while ago (I like to have them out before December even hits... just to get it over with!) However, I will shamefully admit that after 5 years of hand-making my own Christmas cards, I broke down and bought pre-printed ones this year. Then, tried to pass them off as somewhat "home-made" by adding a little bow on the top and a couple cute stamps to the envelope. I am so sneaky!!! I probably also neglected to mention how much I LOVE Christmas cards and just can't wait for the mail to come so I can pour over the latest round of cards and photos and letters. It is so much fun to get "good" mail every once in a while!
Sunday evening we let the boys stay out a little past bedtime and took a drive through the Winter Wonderland. It is an amazing display of a couple ZILLION Christmas lights. The boys absolutely loved it!

Then this morning we figured it was about time to pay Santa a visit at the mall. Dylan was very excited about the trip but Chase was terrified and declared that he was absolutely NOT going to talk to Santa.
Catching his very first glimpse.
Patiently waiting in line. Dylan was eagerly watching through the fence the whole time while Chase was hiding out behind my stroller.
Chase and Santa review his wish list.... this is serious business. Dylan didn't come with a prepared list, but kept randomly announcing, "TRUCKS" to anyone who would listen. I think that should be easy enough for Santa.
Thankfully, Chase did come around after a little persuading! (Notice he still isn't on his lap, but hey, sitting next to him and smiling was more than I could hope for.) On the way home he asked, "Was that really the REAL Santa?" I replied, "Yup!" and he just smiled with a gleam in his eye and told me all about his conversation with Santa and how he was on the GOOD list and was going to get the trucks on his list and on... and on... and on! I could see the wheels turning in his head with all the zillion images he has been bombarded with of the North Pole. He smiled and I smiled back and could feel the magic and whimsy and wonder and excitement growing within.