Tuesday, June 30, 2009


My good friend, and old college roomy, had her bachelorette party on Saturday night. What a great time we all had. Cathy was a pretty good sport with all the paraphernalia we (MY SISTER) bought her. (Yes, there is a certain something protruding from her tiera! ** Blush**Blush**) Apparently I missed the memo which stated that attire for the evening was supposed to be black and white. Just kidding, there was no such memo.... it was just total coincidence. I had to throw in this picture of Beth and my good friend Keri. Keri was cracking me up all night! After this, and pretty much every other photo I took, she asked me excitedly "Is this one going to be up on the blog????" Keri, of course I will put you up on here! I love when I have WILLING & COOPERATIVE subjects :)

Saturday, June 27, 2009


The streets of our neighborhood were eerily quiet as I navigated the streets on my way home from work last night. Hmmm... do I hear the soft hum of generators and music blaring in the distance? Yup, it is WAUCONDA FEST TIME!!! The one time of year when our sleepy little town gets its groove on. Hey everyone, there is me waving below! I promise that I wasn't riding the bumble bee ride by myself, really! Alright...Here is the proof! Chase was with me. Told ya!So, after we had warmed up with a couple little rides, Chase wanted to hit to Ferris Wheel. He had asked me earlier in the day, "Mommy, do you want ME to take YOU on the Ferris Wheel?" Last year, Daddy got that honor. Actually, last year, Daddy got the honor of riding all the rides with Chase. I have to admit I was flattered that he actually wanted me to go with him, and Dave was all to happy to hand over his seat. Now I know WHY? Half way up, I started to get a little anxious, and then a LOT more anxious as we continued to climb higher and higher into the sky. I had to take about 5 big gulps of air to unlodge my stomach from my throat. Wow, I always knew I was afraid of heights, but COME ON - a kiddy ride I thought I could handle. When was the last time I even rode a Ferris Wheel anyway? It has to be since I was a kid. Chase, meanwhile, was excitedly pointing out all the sites, totally unphased by the heights. He squirmed around until I finally unclenched my fist from his shirt and exhaled. Then I figured I might as well take a few pictures to distract myself, that always seems to do the trick!This is the view from the top. It really doesn't look all that frightening, but even seeing this picture brings the butterflies back to my stomach. Dylan and Daddy were watching all the excitement from the sidelines. Poor Dylan, he so badly wanted to get in on the action. Next year buddy! Dylan was amazed by all the colors and lights and sounds and GOOD things to eat ;)
Thankfully, Chase found our neighbor Tori and she was happy to ride the rides with him. After sending my heart into cardiac arrest on the Ferris Wheel, giving me whip-lash on the "roller-coaster" and Dave suffering from heat exhaustion inside the spinny elephants we were ready for a break!

It was a beautiful night and the boys had a ball.
After we got home and the boys tucked away for the night, I hopped on the Internet and checked out my friend Melissa's blog where she featured my blog in her "Blogs I Adore" segment. I was soooo flattered because she usually picks really great "real" blogs. I truly am honored to be featured among her favorites. Anyway, check it out and check out the other Blogs that she adores. Some of them are really fun!! Here is my new fav. THANKS AGAIN MELISSA!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Ahhh...... **sinking into the couch** .....I am finally just now sitting down to relax with my yummy protein shake, the Office queued up on the Tivo box and my feet kicked up after a long, long day. I uploaded some pictures from a play date yesterday with my good friend, Melissa and her cute little guy, Carter. Thankfully she is a great friend and very understanding because I had to cancel our last TWO play dates due to Dylan's icky sickies.

In case there is anyone out there that missed the fact that we are in the midst of a heat wave, I am here to tell you that we ARE! Evidence is right down there in that picture I took of the boys swinging. I ran in the house super fast and back out again with my camera and I guess the hot, moist air hitting my cool glass lens left my resulting photos a tad bit foggy. So, yes, it has been severely hot. Like the gooey, sweltering, suffocating, fry-an-egg-on-the- sidewalk HOT. But, by golly, after that cold, wet spring, we are going to ENJOY it! In SMALL increments anyway.

And why not beat the heat with some cool water? Right? Well, just look at Dylan's reaction. One blast from the sprinkler and he was D-O-N-E, DONE. Meanwhile, Chase cowered over by the fence and begged me to turn them off. What is wrong with my kids? They really aren't huge water fans. They are much more inclined to dig in the sand or dirt than splash in the sprinklers, even in the 95 degree heat. I am just as mystified as you are!

Dylan, Dylan, Dylan! (This picture totally cracks me up.)

20 Months old he is now..... and, well, this is a pretty typical face for him! He is a stinker and a fighter and if you thought that title up there was referring to the weather (it actually was) it could also easily describe Dylan's temperament most days!! Although, after he was down for the count the entire week last week, getting any reaction out of him, even a negative one, seems like a blessing. Even Dave remarked the other day, "It is so good to have our Dylan back!" It is good, and darn if he isn't just the cutest thing. One day I am going to gobble him right up ;)

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Father's Day - ALREADY!?!? (Summer seems to be flying by.) Anyway, it was a pretty laid back day around here. Daddy fixed Chase's bike tire (he blew a hole in it last weekend) so he was eager to get back to riding. He and Daddy took many, many spins around the block. Me'Me' and PaPa came over to celebrate and we had a great steak/potato/corn-on-the-cob meal. (Blew the diet out of the water AGAIN!) Oh well!

Are you wondering how I got him to smile cooperatively for me???? Me too. Hum, I must have bribed him with something really good. ;)

Saturday evening we celebrated with Jennifer and Alex as they tied the knot. Jennifer is Dave's assistant, Eddie's daughter. She and Alex are a gorgeous couple and they even let me take pictures - YAHOOOO - since they hadn't secured a photographer for the event. I took over 200 photos of their big day. They were probably regretting that decision by the end of the night. I was really TRYING (unsuccessfully) not to be obnoxious with my camera. I do think I would have much more effective as the "photographer" had I been able to understand the service. It was all in Spanish and I missed a *few* important details, like the big kiss (gasp!) because I guess I didn't understand the pastor say, "you may now kiss the bride" in Spanish!! Dave was laughing at me as I tried to scurry over to the aisle, but I totally missed it ;( Oh well, I got LOTS of others.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


I am happily enjoying the things that would usually drive me crazy.... cause people, Dylan is OFF THE COUCH. He is running around, smiling, and even taking toys from his brother, eating on the fly (but EATING!!!), pulling out all the napkins from the napkin holder, dumping out the toy bins. YAHOOO.... I would ordinarily be a tad annoyed by this... but not TODAY! His fever was only 101.7 this morning (down from 103.9 yesterday) and he just seems to be getting back to his rambunctious self. Still not 100%, but I will take it! Just thought I would send out an update.... thanks for all your well wishes. I know that kids get sick, and that it isn't life threatening... but four days of the same were starting to get a little unnerving!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Going on three days of:
-A hot/clammy/boiling forehead
-Fits of inconsolable screaming and crying followed by periods of complete lethargy
-Clingy, tentacle limbs that want to be held, ALWAYS
-Back pain
-Countless doses of Tylenol/Motrin/Amoxicillin
-Running back and forth to the Dr's office
-Damp, sweaty hair clumped around his flushed little face
-Endless diaper changes
-All offers of food getting rejected to the floor
-Raged breath that reeks of fever
-One sick little guy who apparently has: an ear infection, a very swollen/sore throat, high fevers, and diarrhea (still)
-Trying not to panic cause kids do get sick - right? (Mine more than the average bear, it seems!)
-Doing everything we can to make him more comfy :(

Saturday, June 13, 2009


We took a little road trip up to Milwaukee yesterday so that we could watch the Brewer's beat the Sox. Actually, since we left after the 5th, (which is 3 innings more than I thought we would get in) we didn't see any of that action, but we heard about it. The boys actually did much better than I thought they would. They got a little squirley at times. Nothing a little cotton candy/cookie/lemon icey/sugar-coated-pretzel couldn't fix. (Our loooooong week on the Abs Diet went down the tubes after all that!)

Dave got the tickets through one of his vendors and they hosted a picnic at the smaller ball field next to Miller Park. Chase was super excited about getting to play on the field with all the kids before the big game. It was a fun, exciting & LATE night out for the little guys. They are both upstairs fast asleep right now, taking nice long naps after their BIG night out!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Is Chase's bike missing something? Uh, maybe a wheel or two?? Well, technically NO... but according to Chase it definitely was missing the training wheels. He has been tearing around on that 4-wheeled bike for the past year like an old pro. Unfortunately, he favors his left side so much that the little wheel on that side actually got worn down to a nub. Being the lazy parents that we are, we figured it may just be easier for him to learn to ride without them than for us to have to go to ToysR'Us and buy new ones.

So, Dave went about removing the extra wheels (or wheel since the other one was basically gone) and he gave it a good try. They made a few passes in front of our house, and I took lots of photos (just in case!) And, uh.... lets just say that Dave had to take a trip to ToysR'Us today for some new training wheels. I am not sure that Chase is quite ready for a two-wheeler ..... just yet. His bicycle is now a quad-cycle once again! And, I think I am pretty cool with that. You just let us know when you're ready, Buddy. But take your time... a big kid riding a big kid bike.... the whole concept seems a little hard for mom to cope with. Do less wheels = more freedom?

This is Dylan doing his cheesy smiler face. That little face never fails to brighten my day. Hope it has the same effect on yours.
Have a good one!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Chase and Dylan at the new "cool" park we visited. Chase coined that name for it.

Yup, I am still here. Just sortof at a loss for words. (Strange, I know!) Anyway, I am not sure what to be writing about these days. It must be writer's block or something like that!

So, I should share how extremely proud I am of my sister, who took two weeks out of her life and flew to Idaho yesterday to help out my brother and my mom, who desperately need it.
Super Auntie, to the rescue!!!

I could also mention that Dylan has Pink Eye or actually Pink EYES! YIKES!
My kids seem to be magnets for this stuff. We are burning through lots of disinfectant, Clorox whips, hand sanitizer, laundry and hand soap just hoping that the rest of us don't get it also. I keep harping on Chase, "Don't touch your eyes!!!" I think I am starting to make him paranoid.

And I suppose I could also share some Chaseisms:

Chase: "Mommy, my shoes are all WET!" ***long pause*** "Mommy, Wetter is Better!!! HA HA HA"
Me: "How about cleaner is better!"
Chase: (all in a huff, like I ruined his game) "Mama, that doesn't even RHYME!"
Chase: "Mom, Dylan has a stinky Diaper!"
Me: "Uh... Okay...I will change him in a minute......."
He thinks the whole tricking us and then yelling April Fools is absolutely hilarious!
Chase: "Mommy, you are a Do-do, Stinky, Poopy Head!"
Yup that comment earned him an automatic time-out. I really am not sure how to handle the constant name calling, the silly/gross behaviour such as fake barfing and burping noises, the repeating phrases (usually something made up like "Bop-a-twoooooo") over and over until I snap at him to stop. Some of it I try to ignore, and some of it he gets disciplined for. Is this typical "little boy" behavior? More importantly, how do make it STOP????

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Are you noticing that the only pictures I can get of Dylan are when he is strapped in and eating? Yup, that is the only time he is actually still enough to snap a few good ones. Restraints work wonders ;)

Look at that little white noodle arm!!

This weekend:
-20 flats of flowers got planted, only about 4 or 5 more to go (I should mention here that I personally didn't plant a single one. My hubby has the green, or after all that planting, BROWN thumb!)
-Our garage sale raked in $400! But, to look at my garage, which is STILL completely filled with stuff, it doesn't appear that we sold a single thing. How exactly is that possible?
-My car got a thorough clean inside and out. YAHOO! Then it rained. BOO ;(
-I got in at least three arguments with Chase about his choice of attire. (Check out that ensemble that he put together in the pictures above.) I kept explaining to everyone that we crossed paths with that I did NOT approve his wardrobe choice.
On a side note: I must have been very naive in thinking that because I have boys I wouldn't have the daily attire disagreements that I assumed were reserved to parents with little girls. Silly, silly me! I have had 7 too many conversations with Chase about why Navy and black DON'T match, or why the high-water pants and t-shirt that's 3 times too big should be shelved, or that there is a difference between play clothes and school clothes.
-Chase started dabbling with "Bathroom Talk." For example, he thinks it's hilarious to say the word, Butt. OVER. AND. OVER. Until we ask him to stop the potty talk and then he tries to play if off like he was just saying the word but.
"But Mom, I wasn't saying BUTT, like BUTT, I was just saying BUT, like BUT, MOM!!!!" he wails, all exasperated at how we are always "misunderstanding" him! (Mr. Innocent my, well... butt! HA)
-I finally located my tweezers after a long two-week hiatus. (Thanks Chase or Dylan! Whichever of you nabbed them.) And just in time, since my uni-brow was really starting to take shape.
-Dylan had diarrhea. Chase thought he should share that information with anyone who would listen. So, in true "Chase Fashion" I am sharing it with you!
Wow, I suppose that is enough rambling, ranting and TMI for the day. Miraculously, they are BOTH sleeping right now. I should really consider doing something somewhat constructive! :)