Friday, February 27, 2009


Dylan driving the Ice Cream truck.

Finally, we took the boys into get their hair cut. We were about 3 weeks overdue. (The flu debacle set us back a little!) I always have to psych myself up for haircut day. It is *usually* a CHORE to take them over there and get them to sit still long enough to squeeze in a somewhat respectable haircut! I actually even schedule their appointments during lunch or in the afternoon so that daddy can attend also. I haven't braved up to going it alone - YET. Anyway, today I was pleasantly surprised. Don't you love when that happens?? Dylan did really well. He had to sit in my lap and wouldn't wear the cape, so I will be itchy with tiny baby razor blade hairs all over me all day. But hey, he didn't cry once :) Chase was a trooper. He entertained Dylan by blowing bubbles while he waited his turn. Mrs. Brenda, his usual hairstylist, was off today. I hesitantly went anyway and hoped for the best. I was anticipating a meltdown over some strange new lady cutting his hair. But, you know what? He didn't even mention her name. PHEWW! So, $42 (is that insane?) later we have two clean cut little boys who both look so much older without all the shag!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Head Banger's Ball

Wasn't that an MTV show, like a million years ago? That title popped into me head - you got me!

I hit an all new "multi-tasking" low today. I played hide-and-seek with Chase while vacuuming. Cruel right? Hey, at least I did eventually go find him.. hee hee.. but I can make that count to 10 last an incredibly LOOOONNNNGGGG time. Sometimes you do what you gotta do!!

So, Dave keeps asking me, "Wasn't Chase talking more at this age?" or "When did Chase start talking?" Dylan IS talking... sort of.... okay, not really. He stumbles upon words, although I don't think he knows yet what he is saying. Chase likes to take on the interpreter role for me and exclaims excitedly, "Momma, Dylan just said CAR! He said his FIRST WORD!!!" According to Chase, Dylan has had approximately 1,347 FIRST words. I have given up and stopped correcting him. It's not that we are tired of his grunting, pointing, motioning and jerking (the kind of jerking a cowboy does to get his horse to giddy-up) because we are not. I am lying - we totally ARE! REALLY sick of it and a very frustrated with his frustration over not being able to communicate. His latest tactic is headbanging. Not the kind you do at a rock concert. I mean, actually banging his head against anything in sight. Dave returned from a snowmobile trip (yes another one-HA) today and commented that Dylan had bruises all over his forehead. "Yup, this one is from when I took away the remote, that one is from when I stopped him from pulling all the **KNIVES** out of the dishwasher (see the previous post), this one is from when he actually bumped his head on the table, etc...." Geez, my sweet, angelic little guy is developing one HOT temper. Turns out both of my boys REALLY, REALLY don't like hearing the word "NO." Hummph -go figure! It is a cruel, cruel world indeed. :(

Monday, February 23, 2009

Curious George... I mean Dylan!

My little dishwashers!

Dylan has figured out how to open the dishwasher. The same dishwasher that he will drop whatever he is doing and run from the next room when he hears me opening it. He is totally fascinated by it. So, imagine his delight that now HE can open it all by HIMSELF. YAHOO-OO. We may never leave the kitchen again. Him opening it and me attempting to keep the dirty dishes from being scattered all over the kitchen. FUN!

It is the latest phase. I know that. He seems to get totally fixated on things.... one week it is the buttons on the Tivo box, the next it is the light switches. Now, it is the dishwasher. This one may last a little longer than a week though. I remember this happening when Chase was this age. The 16 month old's curiosity seems insatiable and it wears me out! Luckily, I am handling it better with Dylan than I did with Chase. Maybe I have learned to be more patient? (Phahhh.) I remember getting rather aggravated that we had to stand in the laundry room for, probably only minutes but what seemed like hours, while Chase pulled the little string that turned the light on and off, on and off. He was so amazed by the power of that string and would scream if I didn't let him do it. I don't remember how long that phase lasted, but eventually it passed and he moved on to something else. I think the knowledge that the phases do end eventually is what is getting me through. I don't find the simple task of flipping the lights on and off as boring and mundane this time. Maybe I appreciate his little curious mind more, or am gaining the ability to see life through toddler eyes. Whatever it is, I am happy (or happier) to appease his curiosity (within reason!) I feel bad now that I was so impatient with Chase. And maybe I wasn't, but it doesn't seem like I appreciated all these little things as much as I found them...well..... annoying. I just don't think I was as equipped to handle a toddler as I am now. (Maybe equipped is a little much...)

I just wonder if it will always be like this. Will Chase's behavior always rattle me? And when Dylan comes along 3 years behind, doing the same exact things, will I not get so exasperated? Poor Chase. It is like he is forging the way, paving the path, teaching me to be a better mom and Dylan is benefiting from it. I remember a friend of mine (who has three kids) said..."Aw, don't worry about it. Your first kid is the one you make ALL the mistakes with!" So, maybe I am not alone? (Those with experience, please leave words of advice in the comment section. I would love to hear from you!)

I had a revelation about 9 months ago - I wanted to write a book about how much better, or I should say easier it is to have a baby the second time around. (I didn't write a book, I started a blog instead, hence the name.) I was totally overflowing with baby gushy love. I was certain that I could fill volumes about why I was enjoying parenting so much more this time. "Why doesn't anyone tell you this?" I kept wondering. I really thought I should make it my mission to tell the world not to be scared when having your second baby (like I was.) Be excited and ENJOY IT!! It's easier... it's not as scary.... you have hand-me-downs.... your house is already baby proofed.... and already has spit up stains....breast feeding doesn't seem as daunting..... your body is used to operating without've already gone through the "My Life is OVER now that I have a Kid" phase... I could go on and on!!! Turns out you need a lot of time to write a book and probably some skill and experience with writing wouldn't hurt either. Maybe someday ***long sigh*** Anyway, in the mean time, I will continue rambling on this here blog! :) SORRY!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mending the Monsters

The boys are feeling better... slowly. The baby is still clingy and he keeps giving me the most pathetic little moon eye/birdy lip faces. He won't let me put him down! Is it mean to say that I like my kids better when they are sick? Yeah, now that I write it, it does sound kinda mean. I am NOT happy they are sick, but oh are they soooo sweet when they are sick. Chase doesn't have the energy to be ornery. And you know what, he is pretty darn cute and sweet when he isn't being ornery. He seems so fragile and delicate and tender. So different from the Chase I am used to seeing.
Dylan has gotten the brunt of it. He was the first to get this and the last one to heal. He wants to snuggle and cuddle with me all day. I love that he wants to be so close (my back, on the other hand, is screaming for mercy) since lately all he seems to want to do is run, climb, and just generally create mischief! There were many occasions when I got to just lay and snuggle with them both at the same time. That NEVER happens. Dylan actually dozed off laying IN MY LAP yesterday. That never happens either. It is a little alarming, as a parent of two CRAZY BUSY boys, to see them so lethargic. But, it gives me a chance to stroke their flushed little cheeks with my cool hand, to brush the overgrown hair off of their foreheads, to examine their perfect profiles, and watch their delicate little eyelids flutter as they sleep. Ohhh.. it is heart breaking to see them like this. Get well soon guys. I am missing my little monsters!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Three Sickies!

I have never in my life been so sick. I have never seen either of my kids so sick. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. This bug that is circulating around our house is a mean one.... it comes on fast and strong and WATCH OUT! It will take you down. First Dylan, then me, and then Chase. Dave, thankfully, is the last man standing. Poor guy has been cleaning up after us for the past 24 hours. Including doing laundry till about 2AM this morning and jumping out of bed at 10 minute intervals to grab the puke bucket for Chase as his little body heaved and heaved and heaved out NOTHING.... (seriously - EVERY 10 minutes starting at midnight and ending at 4:30am.) Dave said this morning, "That was like the horror stories we have heard other parents tell about their kids getting sick." Luckily, we haven't ever had anything like this around here... until NOW. They both seem to be getting better. Me too. Just weak and scared to eat or drink too much. The upside is, I am getting lots of snuggling in. I am barely strong enough to hold the baby... but he seems to only want me (strange) so I am trying to muster up the strength to enjoy the cuddles.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Nothing says "LOVE" like Monster Truck Mania!

Actually, that should read, "Nothing says LOVE like getting ditched for Monster Truck Mania!" Dave called me all excited yesterday because he got tickets for he and Chase to go to the Monster Truck Jam. "But that is Valentine's Day!" I whined...... We really didn't have anything special planned. So eventually I relented. But told him that he HAD to take the camera and get some pictures for me. Anyway, it gave me a chance to hang out with my littlest Valentine!
Obviously, it wasn't the picture of romance around here today. And you know what...I am OKAY with that. Flowers... cards.... candy.... don't NEED them and really - I don't even want them. Don't tell anyone, but Dave and I didn't even exchange cards this year.. ssshhhh! Maybe we are lazy.... or just practical. (The scale is tipping towards LAZY :) Hee hee. I will say that I appreciate all the little things so much MORE than a card and some flowers (Bogie eats them anyway!) Little things like being a great dad and taking Chase to see Monster Trucks, like being a great husband and pumping wind into my sometimes depleted sails, like being the good cop when I am the bad one (or vice versa), like working hard to provide for us and being a great role model. You know... all those little things and about a million more! ;) In my book - that is what romance is all about!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Out of Office Reply: Your Brain is on Vacation!

This is the message I keep getting from my brain?!?! It's apparently on vacation with no indication of when it plans on returning. I've been operating without it for a while now. I should be fine. REALLY!

I sort of flooded our basement bathroom yesterday. In my defense, I have been a little distracted/spacey/forgetful/ frantic these days! We were playing down there in the morning and Bogie (my high maintenance cat who ONLY drinks fresh water as it drips slowly into the sink at just the right trickle) was meowing relentlessly until I let him in the bathroom and got him some water. Of course, Dylan follows us in and starts pulling the toilet paper and banging the cabinet doors. I quickly round Dylan up and usher him out of the bathroom, leaving Bogie in the bathroom with the water going. "I'll just give him a few minutes to drink his water, then I will get him out of there..... ...... Hey, don't we have our Valentine's Playgroup in... YIKES!!! - AN HOUR!!.... we better Shake a Tail Feather!!!" So, off we went leaving the poor kitty in the bathroom with the door closed and the water running. Wouldn't you know that that is the ONLY sink in the house that doesn't have one of those handy catch drains. (Man, I would have loved to discover that little important tidbit of information before learning it the HARD way!)

Luckily, we went back down to the basement around 5pm and found Bogie in the bathroom, stranded on the toilet and water overflowing everywhere! He was a little hungry and had to use the kitty box.... but he was definitely NOT thirsty! My poor cat. My poor carpet. I can't believe I DID that! Well.... yes I can. ***shame, shame, shame*** Dylan is so curious and so into EVERYTHING these days, we are constantly barricading him out of rooms and away from stairs. Inevitably, the cat gets trapped (sometimes for hours ) behind a baby gate or a door that he wants to be on the OTHER side of. All day long I am letting him up from the basement, or down to the basement or into this bathroom or out of that bedroom. He HATES it. Hopefully, someday he will forgive me! Can you still use the "Mommy Brain" excuse when you have a one-year-old?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Love is in the Air

I conned my sister and Joe into letting me take some engagement photos. Keep in mind, it was my first crack at attempting to be a photographer. So, I just thought I would share!! (Just mixing things up in case you are bored to tears of Chase and Dylan photos over and over and over.)
Carrianne - if you read this..... Yup, we went to Veteran Acres. It makes a great backdrop even in the winter! But, don't look TOO close. I still have a LONG way to go..... :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Glimpses of Spring

The big guy is working hard out there...moving snow (what's left of it anyway!)

Chase had a hay day with this digger at the park. OMG - that kid loves to dig. "Mama, I want one of those in MY sandbox - okay?" Yeah, right!

We have GRASS! Under all the snow, there is still grass. How about that! It is fantastic to have such warm weather. It makes me giddy inside.... there is HOPE!! Did I hear 60's are in the forecast for tomorrow??? I don't ever catch the news... but I thought I heard that from somewhere. I REALLY think that they should run news and weather reels along the bottom of the screen on the kiddy channels. Moms around the world may will feel a little more "tuned in." Anyway, Chase is ecstatic about the weather too. He was outside all weekend and LOVED every stinking minute of it. I have to keep reminding myself that it will be gone soon though. It is JUST a little tease, a little taste. I'll still take it, however fleeting. This is what spring is all about. Hmmm...I think that Ground Hog LIED ;)

One last cute one of Dylan and Dave - look at all that drool. He is a drooly MESS these days.

Friday, February 6, 2009

My Randomness

I thought I would post this over here also for those of you who are still holding out on the Facebook Phenomenon. There is a list circulating around where you fill out 25 Random Things about yourself. I LOVE reading other peoples so I finally got my butt in gear and completed mine. BTW -25 things is a LOT to come up with. For you bloggers, I think you should do a post about your 25 Random things.... just cause I am nosey and would love to read them - HA!!!

Okay - here they are:
1. I am the QUEEN of procrastination. (Yeah, I have been thinking about doing this darn thing for the past 3 weeks.)
2. I am fanatical about photo taking, documenting, scrapbooking and blogging. I have taken over 9,000 pictures in the past year. I really feel that if I don't record things, I will forget them. And I really, REALLY don't want to forget ;)
3. I am an identical twin and we really couldn't be any more different. But, she is my best friend and I LOVE her.
4. I LOVE being a mom and I LOVE my boys (including my hubby.) They are my favorite three people in the entire world.
5. I realize every mom out there thinks this, but I think my boys are the cutest little stinkers I have ever seen. And they are lucky that they are so cute, it makes it really hard to stay mad at them for too long.
6. I use way too much punctuation when I write. Lots of commas,,,, dots....., dashes---, (quotes), exclamation points!!!!!!, ALL CAPS, and run-on sentences (This is exhibit A.) I also use way too many smiley faces. I realized that I had one in every single "thing" so far.... I removed most of them. You're welcome :) I had to throw that one in! Moving on.....
7. I hate my hair. It is too long and a big frizzy mess. For this reason, I only wash it every other day. I seriously can't deal with it on a more frequent basis than that.
8. Once when I was little, someone asked me what my hobby was and I told them SLEEPING. Isn't that a strange hobby for a little kid. It explains a lot, doesn't it!?!
9. I didn't start drinking coffee until after my second baby was born. Now I am a die-hard coffee drinker. Well, I don't know if I would be considered a die-hard when I only drink 2 cups/day. But, I have to have it!
10. Working part-time makes me a happier mommy.
11. I have a small tattoo on my backside. It's a souvenir from a college trip to Ireland. EVERYONE was doing it.
12. I become completely unglued when a lid gets matched up with the wrong sippy cup. I don't know why I am totally OCD about the sippy cups and not much else, but I am.
13. I think that if buggers had a smell, they would smell like Chase and Dylan's blankie's. I do periodically wash them. But that darn smell is back the VERY next day!
14. I am oddly chipper MOST of the time. I think that people think it is strange.
15. We watch way more TV that the American Academy of Pediatrics "recommends" for young kids. It's WINTER!!! WHAT ELSE DO WE HAVE TO DO????
16. I was born and raised in the cutest little town in North Idaho called Coeur d' Alene. You should really visit, if you haven't already.
17. My brother, sister and I ALL share the same birthday.
18. On one of these things that I read, someone listed their favorite feature.... uhhh..... lets see: Legs - bird like, butt - non- existent, stomach -YIKES (I carried two VERY large babies in there), boobs - I breastfed (another yikes).... so I am going to go with arms. I have great arms!
19. I drive a Mini Van and I am darn proud of it. It is the best car I have ever owned.
20. I miss having my mom and dad close by.
21. I love all the seasons. I look forward to each one. Yes, I even like winter. But (there is always a BUT) by about February, I have had it. I could seriously hibernate through the entire month. Wake me up when spring is here.
22. I did a study abroad to England my Jr year of college. It was the best semester I ever had. Although, it screwed up my GPA, since I got my only "C" while I was there.
23. I am not doing so good on my New Year's resolutions. :(
24. We always have the most beautiful flowers planted in our yard. People always compliment me on them.... and I would love to take the credit. But, Dave does it all! (I am running out of things here... can you tell?)
25. Life couldn't be better. I really need to count my blessings!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lunch Time

Dylan woke up CRANKY from his nap. He cried when I held him and cried harder when I put him down. The drool and snot and tears seemed to gather at the bottom of his chin and form a continuous stream down the front of his shirt.

OK... and goody, it is officially lunch time. "Chase, what kind of sandwich to you want for lunch?" I repeat the question 3 times before he mumbles..... "Bologna." (I can't stop myself from mentally singing the B-O-L-O-G-N-A Oscar Meyer commercial song every time I write out that word. You're welcome! Now you're singing it too.) I put Dylan down after doing everything I can think of to amuse him for a few precious minutes while I scurry around the kitchen preparing 3 different meals. Nothing is working, so he is standing in the corner clutching the cracker and juice I gave him - bawling. I try to cheer him up and chat to him as I make Chase's sandwich, cut up their apples, make his bagel, make my sandwich, cut up my avocado, and get Chase's juice ready. Chase is barking out orders at me while I am trying to concentrate. "Momma, I want to PAINT!" "Can I go down and exercise on the treadmill?" (Don't ask!!)"I want some JUICE!!" I am attempting to get all of our food onto plates about the time that Dylan comes over and wraps his arms around my knees while sobbing and goobering all down my legs. Hoping that maybe he might be distracted with lunch, I put him in his highchair with some apples, grapes, and bagel. He swipes everything off his tray and starts banging his head against the back of his chair with such force that I am afraid he is going to either get a head injury or tip to whole highchair over. While trying to somehow cushion the blows of Dylan's head, I call out, "Chase, come on, get over here and eat your lunch." I have to repeat that 3 more times before he wanders over to the table and snarks..."I said I wanted BOLOGNA... not a bologna SANDWICH!!!!!" Oh, for god's head is going to explode. I snatch the bread off his "sandwich" leaving just the bologna and cheese.
"THERE, are you HAPPY now?"
Dylan has actually stopped screaming and seems to be sampling the second round of food I put on his plate. Ohhhh... Moose is on TV. Thank god for Moose... he has a strange calming effect on Dylan. I get my sandwich and avocado and sit down for what I hope will be a few minutes to all eat in peace. Just as I am enjoying my first bite, Moose disappears from the TV and all hell breaks loose again. He is doing that head banging, thrashing thing again. He actually bangs his forehead on his milk sippy on his way forward and is now really, REALLY crying. So much for lunch!
"Mommy, I still WANT to PAINT!!" Chase says as I am struggling to get Dylan out of his chair without inflicting any more pain on himself.
"FINISH your lunch and we will talk about it!"
"Even my apples!!!!"
"YUP, those too!"
So he proceeds to take bit after bit of his apples then spits them out all over his plate.
"Okay, NOW can I paint?"
"Uhhh... I don't think that counts as EATING your apples!"


Updated after Dinner:
Sorry about that tangent. Dinner went off without a hitch. Thought I would just explain that not ALL meals go quite like that. Chase ate THREE (YES 3) helpings of the Scooby Doo shaped Mac & Cheese noodles (just noodles - no cheese) that he spotted in the store the other day. They must just taste that much better when the noodles are shaped like dog bones and little Mystery Machines????? Dylan was happy and ate lots too. What didn't get eaten, he happily stuffed in one of shoes while I was clearing off the table. How that little bugger managed to get one of his shoes off and up on top of his tray is beyond me. I might have a little Houdini on my hands!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mommy Ears

I can sleep through Dave's snoring, the alarm clock going off, him getting up and getting ready for work in the morning, and my cat meowing in the bathroom for water. But at the sound of little feet padding down the hallway or the slightest little hiccup over the baby monitor and my eyes seem to jerk right open. Have my ears been trained to only hear, not what they necessarily want to hear, but what they need to hear? I call this acutely heightened ability to hear EVERYTHING that pertains to my children "Mommy Ears." I can't say that all my senses have been equally heightened with mommyhood. My eyesight has been, and continues to be, screwy ever since my first pregnancy. But my ears seem like finely tuned instruments these days and I haven't yet decided if this is a good thing or a bad one?

I was woken up last night or actually this morning, at 3:30AM to the distinct sound of Chase's little feet shuffling across the carpet and stopping right under my nose. (Why doesn't he ever go to Dave's side of the bed? **huff**huff**)
"Mommy, I need your help!" he gasped, as if we were in the midst of a crisis.
Well..... actually, we were.
"My night light is BROKEN!!!" Uhh, ohhhh. Night lights are a BIG deal in my house.
OK, THINK! I know I had a package of night light bulbs laying around here somewhere. I actually saw some at the store a few weeks ago and thought "Maybe I should buy some spares. Those bulbs are bound to burn out one of these days." How is that for thinking ahead? I am pretty impressed with myself. I was sort of prepared for this crisis. Now, if I could just remember where I put them? I only had to paw through 2 drawers in my bathroom before finding them. Not bad! Crisis averted. Mommy saved the day... or morning. It only took him 1/2 hour and 2 more feet shuffling along carpet trips to my bedside before he feel back asleep.

This early morning escapade got me thinking that the super human ability to hear your children is a skill that just comes with the "Mommy" territory. We train our ears to be on alert at all time so that we can be ready to jump up and soothe them, even if it is just something as silly (or not so silly, if you're Chase) as a broken night light.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Chase's Words to Live By

"Momma, I think I need to make some signs so that when people come to my house they know what to do!" (What people???? But whatever...if it keeps ya busy.)
"Alright..." I mutter and hand him some paper and markers. I didn't realize that he wanted US to make the signs for him, but that was apparently what he had in mind. Throughout the day yesterday, he conned Dave, Me'Me' and I into writing some VERY IMPORTANT signs for him to post around the house. ALL around the house. I thought it was cute, all the things he came up with. It really highlights all the things we keep trying to drill in his head. Maybe it's working!!!! Hee Hee.
Anyway, here are a few of the ones he made: (Translations are underneath - in case you can't read the handwriting. )

Wait, whose baby?????

Do you see Bogie in the background with his paw up? I think he likes this one!


There he goes again, he certainly is possessive about his little brother.

We must really be emphasizing oven safety. He seems pretty adamant about this topic.

It would appear that he has the Taking Turns concept mastered. Don't be fooled.... he doesn't.


He is gently (or not so gently) warning our guests not to do something that causes Mommy's eyes to bug out of her head. He knows this from experience. Very thoughtful of him.

This last one I found posted at the bottom of the stairs. I was heading up there with Chase and Dylan at the time and I started laughing so HARD, tears were running down my cheeks.
"What is SO FUNNY?" Chase demanded. He was highly insulted that I dare laugh at one of his very important signs. He is so darn serious sometimes.
"All it says is..." then he points to each word on the paper as if he is reading it word for word, "You MUST be CAREFUL on the stairs." Right Buddy, that is EXACTLY what it says.


That Daddy sure is funny!

Ughh... and onto some different news..... welcome to my worst nightmare. Dylan has figured out how to climb onto the kitchen chairs and he keeps trying to get up onto the table. Luckily, I have caught him each time in the act. He is obsessed with climbing up on stuff and watch out when you try to stop him. He dissolves in tears and shrieks and starts flailing and flopping around on the floor. It's fun!
I remember a friend telling us that they actually tied their kitchen chairs to the table so that their child couldn't get up on them. Now there is an idea. We may have to try it..... soon!
Finally, a random picture of Chase and Dave. I caught them curled up like this watching Saturday morning cartoons and thought they looked cute. Look at them, they are both TOTALLY sucked in.