Friday, February 27, 2009


Dylan driving the Ice Cream truck.

Finally, we took the boys into get their hair cut. We were about 3 weeks overdue. (The flu debacle set us back a little!) I always have to psych myself up for haircut day. It is *usually* a CHORE to take them over there and get them to sit still long enough to squeeze in a somewhat respectable haircut! I actually even schedule their appointments during lunch or in the afternoon so that daddy can attend also. I haven't braved up to going it alone - YET. Anyway, today I was pleasantly surprised. Don't you love when that happens?? Dylan did really well. He had to sit in my lap and wouldn't wear the cape, so I will be itchy with tiny baby razor blade hairs all over me all day. But hey, he didn't cry once :) Chase was a trooper. He entertained Dylan by blowing bubbles while he waited his turn. Mrs. Brenda, his usual hairstylist, was off today. I hesitantly went anyway and hoped for the best. I was anticipating a meltdown over some strange new lady cutting his hair. But, you know what? He didn't even mention her name. PHEWW! So, $42 (is that insane?) later we have two clean cut little boys who both look so much older without all the shag!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Head Banger's Ball

Wasn't that an MTV show, like a million years ago? That title popped into me head - you got me!

I hit an all new "multi-tasking" low today. I played hide-and-seek with Chase while vacuuming. Cruel right? Hey, at least I did eventually go find him.. hee hee.. but I can make that count to 10 last an incredibly LOOOONNNNGGGG time. Sometimes you do what you gotta do!!

So, Dave keeps asking me, "Wasn't Chase talking more at this age?" or "When did Chase start talking?" Dylan IS talking... sort of.... okay, not really. He stumbles upon words, although I don't think he knows yet what he is saying. Chase likes to take on the interpreter role for me and exclaims excitedly, "Momma, Dylan just said CAR! He said his FIRST WORD!!!" According to Chase, Dylan has had approximately 1,347 FIRST words. I have given up and stopped correcting him. It's not that we are tired of his grunting, pointing, motioning and jerking (the kind of jerking a cowboy does to get his horse to giddy-up) because we are not. I am lying - we totally ARE! REALLY sick of it and a very frustrated with his frustration over not being able to communicate. His latest tactic is headbanging. Not the kind you do at a rock concert. I mean, actually banging his head against anything in sight. Dave returned from a snowmobile trip (yes another one-HA) today and commented that Dylan had bruises all over his forehead. "Yup, this one is from when I took away the remote, that one is from when I stopped him from pulling all the **KNIVES** out of the dishwasher (see the previous post), this one is from when he actually bumped his head on the table, etc...." Geez, my sweet, angelic little guy is developing one HOT temper. Turns out both of my boys REALLY, REALLY don't like hearing the word "NO." Hummph -go figure! It is a cruel, cruel world indeed. :(