Thursday, December 17, 2009


Months ago, I overheard my mom tell a friend of hers that she wanted to start a blog. I took that as her way of asking ME to go ahead and get one all set up for her. Yes, that is probably a bit of a stretch. But of course I hopped right to it and got one started for her PRONTO. We decided to name it Journaling Life's Journey. Despite my enthusiasm her poor little blog just sat... and sat.... and sat. Until the other day! She got very motivated to spread the word after a very moving seminar that was hosted at her High School. Do me a favor and head on over to HER BLOG (click here for link) and read all about it. And, while you are there, leave her a comment too. She would LOVE it! I am so proud of my mom....... the blogger.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, honey, for the vote of confidence. Now how can I send comments w/ my name instead of anonymous?

Anonymous said...

LOL... that is sooo funny!! I am still keeping mine Anonymous I like the mysterious persona!!