Thursday, December 24, 2009


We woke up this morning to find a thick layer of ice covering everything in sight. What a yucky, messy day out there. But, it is Christmas Eve so we hunkered down and enjoyed it. I did some last minute shopping and wrapping, and the boys made cookies for Santa.

Dylan chatted a little with the big guy. He has been doing this for the past week or so. It is hilarious. He wanders over to the little Santa's hanging on our patio door and starts chattering away. It usually goes a little like this: "Hi Santa. How you? What ya doin' Santa? I beena good boy, Santa!"

We got all dressed up for Church and the boys thought they should take some photos. Even felt the need to pull out the tripod. They love playing with the camera but refused to pose for a family photo.... what else is new?!?! We went to church and were reminded why we have been a little delinquent on doing that as of late.
A double dunk and then a couple BIG bites!
We got home and before bath thought we should taste a little sample of the cookies and milk that we were putting out for Santa. Funny, the boys didn't insist on tasting the carrots we put out for the reindeer. Strange, right?

So, now the little guys are all asleep (I hope!), the presents all piled around the tree and the stockings stuffed to the brim. I settled into my big comfy couch right next to the tree, with my new laptop (an early Christmas present for my hubby!) and am just sitting, trying to soak up every last drop of Christmas before the chaos of tomorrow unfolds.

Wishing a Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!


Melissa said...

Merry Christmas!

Jenny Esterbrook said...

Hope you had a very merry Christmas!!

Pam Alexander said...

Missed having Christmas w/ you but it looks like you had a lovely time.