Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!


We did our first ever pumpkin carving last night! Chase and I were searching the net for pumkin templates and he insisted on the cat. He said he wanted to make a Bog-E Lantern. So, that is what we did! Dave did most of the work, Chase made most of the mess, and I took ALL of the photos. (Sounds pretty normal - right ;) It was fun! Anyway, just wishing everyone a happy and safe Halloween. Don't get a belly ache from all the candy!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Picture Time

Oh GREAT!!! I just went to the bathroom at work.... I have buggers all over my shoulder and down the front of my shirt. I am blaming Dylan, but they could very well be my own!!! Just kidding.... sort of.... I am still feeling like DO-DO! Hmmm, it just dawned on me that I don't have to sensor my blog... So I can say "Still feeling like CRAP!" Just cause I can and I do - HA!!! Anyway, back to the buggers. I would love to get out of the house without food, buggers or drool on me... just once! Some day... (sigh)....

I thought it may be a good morning (that was my first mistake.) Dylan seemed to be in good spirits when I went in to get him this morning. He was smiling and playing with his blankie in his crib. He didn't even scream when I changed his diaper -strange. YES, maybe he is feeling better. BUT, then I made the fatal mistake of setting him down of the floor so I could finish getting ready for work. He spent the rest of the morning sobbing hysterically between my legs while I applied make-up, brushed teeth & hair and made breakfast. Poor guy, he was having a rough morning. But, sometimes mommy NEEDS two hands. I have gotten pretty skilled at doing things one-handed & picking up things with my feet since I am usually holding Dylan. BUT, I have yet to master cutting up pancakes or bananas. For that, I have to set him down, and he SCREAMS!!!!

So, even though I feel like ASS, I am happy to be at work... it is quiet here!

I took the boys to my favorite photographer, Carrianne, for Dylan's one year pictures yesterday. It was a disaster!!!! Luckily, she is a miracle worker :) I am providing a list of all the fun we had.... mainly for your amusement.

  • Chase's shirt I was going to put him in was a 3T, I thought it was a 4T... way too small, so there was a last minute wardrobe change.
  • I forgot my checkbook, so when I stopped at Dominick's to get the cake I tried to get cash too - the ATM was out of order... of course!
  • I actually pulled up to the wrong house, schleeped everyone out of the car and rang the door bell like 5 times... opps - she is three doors down! Damn Navigation system. In my defense, their houses look VERY similar!
  • Seven minutes into the shoot Dylan feel flat on his face and got a big FAT lip
  • I failed to bring a change of clothing so Dylan had to ride home in his onesie and the little blankie that Carrianne gave me (THANK YOU!) It was either that or wear the pants caked in frosting. You will understand when you see the pics!

Did I mention that I am happy to be at work today??? Did I mention it is VERY quiet here??? Did I mention I should probably get some work done???? More later!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Feel Like Half Baked Sour Dough!

My throat is tight & I am sneezing.....ughhhhh.... the first signs of a cold!!! PLEASE NOOOOO. Being sick is NO FUN for ANYONE. But, I have never dreaded it more than now when I am a mother of two busy little boys. There is just no down time to recuperate when you are a mom. No sick days, no sleeping in, & NO time off. Back in high school or even when I worked full-time the thought of taking a sick day (only when I REALLY was sick) was still a little bit appealing. Oh, what I wouldn't give to take some NyQuil and say adios for the next 12 hours like I used to back in those days!!! Bummer..... Oh well.... BUCK UP... (I am giving myself a pep-talk)... Mom's don't get sick days! I am reminded of a line from one of Chase's books, Farm Flu. "I followed but my steps were slow, I feel like Half Baked Sour Dough. Relieved the end was now if view, I stumbled, sniffed and sneezed.... KA- CHOOOOOO." (I thought I should at least explain my strange title choice.) To make matters worse, I think Dylan is feeling the same symptoms as I am. In this case, misery definitely does NOT love company. The company of a sick one-year-old makes my misery more miserable!!!! I am keeping my fingers crossed that it is a 24 hour bug, or just side effects of the flu shot he got on Monday. Signing off for now.... cough... sniffle... wheez.....

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Birthday Bootie

We finally got to present opening this afternoon. Chase was bursting with frustration that we have had unopened presents in this house for a whole 24 hours. (Christmas is going to be fun!) Last night and this morning he was hounding us to get to those presents. So, when Dylan woke up from his afternoon nap, we opened all the goodies. Thanks to all for all the great gifts and so sorry we didn't get to it yesterday during the party. And although Dylan got a whole room full of great new toys, he still opts to play with, yes, that right... the garbage can! Well, he actually only has left-over toys that big brother hasn't claimed as his own. Chase took a few of Dylan's new toys up to his room, closed the door, and played with them for a good half hour. Then, he hid them in his toy box and came down for more!!! Luckily, Dylan isn't putting up a fight.... like I said, he is happily pounding my garbage can like a drum. Lovely! (I sterilize it often.)

My super crafty friend, Melissa, made this cute card to match the sock monkey!!! I LOVE IT!!

Ohhhh and by the way, with all the hub-ub going on this week, I failed to report that Dylan is now WALKING! I can officially say that he is a walker - YAY! He finally put it all together and now he is motering EVERYWHERE!!!He still stumbles, swaggers and sways all about.... It is a little reminiscent of my college days... just kidding... maybe Dave's college days - HA!! I think he is really enjoying his new mobility.


Group Photo... We tried... this was the best we could do!!!

My little dragon!!
HANNAH MONTANA even came!!! (Tori next door ;)
Chase helped with the candles! What a good brother!!
Wheeewwww.... we survived yesterday's big Halloween First Birthday Bash for Dylan!!
It was so much fun to get everyone together and see all the cute kiddos in their little costumes. Our house always seems to shrink when there are 50 people inside... but it was fun all the same.
Thanks all who came to join in on all the fun. Unfortunately, Dylan didn't seem to enjoy the festivities... figures!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Birthday to Dylan!

Dylan had a great first Birthday!!! He is pretty easy to please these days though.... ya know....snacks 'el do!!!
I did much better than I thought I would too. The morning was a little shaky. To try to distract him during his morning diaper change I tried to sing him Happy Birthday about 5 times. I couldn't get through it without my voice cracking and tears leaking down my cheeks. But, once I got over the shock of "OH MY GOD, MY BABY IS ONE!" we had a great day. In lieu of the pumpkin patch, we opted for something indoors and settled on Chuck E. Cheese. Dylan was totally oblivious.. but big brother, Chase, rocked at Ski-ball and Dylan enjoyed watching. We ended the day with cake, ice-cream and presents- YAY!!! Chase probably, I mean definitely, enjoyed the festivities far more than Dylan. Oh well... he is ONE, it doesn't take much to amuse him. He liked the boxes more than the toys...typical ;)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

EIGHT of the Best Years!!

Where did all those years go??? I can't believe it. Eight years ago today, Dave and I tied the knot. Wow, does it go fast...(sigh)... Just wanted to post a thank you to my hubby for being the best guy a girl could ask for!!! Love you so much more today than I did all those years ago. Hugs & Kisses.

1st Haircut.........


AFTER... Doesn't he look thrilled?
Check out all the drool/milk!


I must be trying to torment myself this week. I am already in deep mourning because Dylan is turning ONE tomorrow. I am so sad that my baby won't be a baby anymore.... boooo hooooo!!!
Sniff, Sniff... then, I bit the bullet and made appointments yesterday afternoon for the boys to get their hair cut. (Sob.. Sob!) My little guy looks like such a big boy now!!! (Deep breath) I guess it has to happen, but I am having a HARD time accepting the fact that he isn't going to be a baby forever. Maybe it is for the best, getting his hair cut is a very visual cue to mom that he is indeed getting bigger and nothing I can do will stop it. He is probably getting very tired of me squeezing him tight and willing him to stay little forever!!!! So, there you have it... we did it... we CUT HIS HAIR!!! The results of my online poll (over to the right) showed that the majority thought we should do it before his first birthday, which is tomorrow. BUT, I wouldn't let her cut it too short in the back. Running the risk of looking like he is sporting a mullet, he still has his little silky baby curls at the nap of his neck. Anyway, I took lots of pictures, of course, and saved lots of precious trimmings in a little baggie for the scrapbook. I have to admit, he does look pretty darn cute with his new "do." Does he look chubbier?? We all seem to think so!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Just say NO to.... Reading????

So, thank goodness I just finished my latest Book Club book, Pope Joan. I have been involved with the local library book club for the last two years. This month, I got overly ambitious and read BOTH books for both the book clubs! I really need to quit reading. When in the midst of a very good book I have a hard time doing ANYTHING else but read!!! I can come up with a million excuses to just sneak in a few pages..... just a little fix! I am a reading addict, I may have a serious problem!!!
My siblings are shaking their heads sadly..... "So, it's official, she has turned into MOM!!!" Yup, it is true...... now I just need to start quilting and baking cookies :)
Anyway, my next book club book is getting shelved for a few weeks. I need to concentrate on actually doing some things around the house.... like say, cleaning for Dylan's 1st Birthday party this Saturday!!! Ekkk... I have a LOT to catch up on... better get to it!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fun with Leaves!

Hmmmm...Dylan is not sure about all the leaves at first.

Leave Fight with Roman!

Chase, totally covered in leaves.

Yes, more fall photos were taken today. I just can't help it! Kids & leaves... together... I mean, is there a better combination??? They had lots of fun playing and tossing. There was definately a chill in the air though.... fall is upon us!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

At the bottom of the Totem Pole

My poor Cat! Look how cute he is! He was once the reigning KING in this house. He knew that he was adored by both mommy and daddy, always the center of our attention. We played, we pet, we scratched, we gave him fresh water around the clock. Dave actually taught him how to fetch, and I sheepishly admit to cradling him like a baby. I was a little fearful of his reaction when we first brought Chase home from the hospital. He did pretty well, really. But cat's are funny. You can almost read his mind by the expression on his face. And his attitude toward the kids is mostly irritation! And I can't say that I blame him. He has suffered from many pulled tails, poked eyes, hair yanked, whiskers squeezed. I know he takes a lot of abuse.

He has always been a little escape artist. But geez lately, he is trying to get out of our house with increased tenacity. He bolts between our legs & darts through doors that are on their way to being closed. Has it gotten that bad for him at our house that he is willing to risk life and limb to escape??? He is also getting increasingly feisty about getting put back in the house. He has actually started hissing, biting, scratching and thrashing when I reach into the bush he is hiding under to grab him. "Screw it..." I mutter, maybe we should just leave him out there!!!! Okay.... that really isn't an option. He doesn't have his front claws or his shots... but seriously. I am just getting feed up with him & his high-maintenance ways. He sulks around all day in the basement waiting for the kids to go to bed. Once the coast is clear, he surfaces and feels it is now his turn. He stands right on Dave's chest when he is watching football, noses up under my book when I get to finally sit down and put my feet up, nips at my fingers when I am trying to type an email and meows incessantly for us to turn the faucet on for him. (Why the @*&% can't he drink water out of a bowl like every other animal?!?!) I just used to have a lot more patience for him than I do now! Who has patience for a CAT when you have an almost 4 year old and 1 year old??? This is sad to say, but sometimes, something has to give around here and Bogie is the only expendable one! Don't call the Humane Society, he isn't totally neglected. He usually has plenty of food and a somewhat clean liter box, plenty of water (even if it is in a BOWL that he turns his nose up to,) and he does get lots of attention, mostly from the kids, but attention none the less.

I tried giving Bogie to my mother-in-law or actually just kinda "forgot" to pick him back up when she was cat-sitting for us. It took Chase 5 DAYS before he noticed that Bogie was over at Me'Me's house. (I mentioned earlier that he hides in the basement most days.) But, once he knew Bogie was there, he wouldn't rest until Bogie was back home again.... Darn it! We almost got away with it... if it wasn't for that meddling kid!! (Sorry...we have been watching A LOT of Scooby-Doo lately.) Are you wondering what vial behavior warranted me trying to get rid of my cat??? It wasn't his neediness, his irritating meowing, the fact that he sticks his nose in my face when I am trying to sleep or even the piles of half-digested grass that he pukes up after escaping to the outside. The thing that bothers me most about Bogie is that it seems like EVERYONE is allergic to him .....even DAVE! I hate that my guest leave our house with itchy, watering eyes, runny noses and even sometimes hives and rashes! Sorry to any of the friends and family (Mom) who don't love my cat hair covered house, I tried to get rid of him!!!

Apparently I am not the only one with Pet-Mommy guilt. My favorite blogger, Betsy, recently posted this hilarious article about the changes that happen when you go from a proud dog owner to a parent:

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ahhh, Mornings

I love waking up first thing in the morning. (I am only writing this because "First thing in the Morning" around my house right now is about 7:00AM!!!!!! YES!!!!) Chase and Dylan are just so darn cute in the morning. They are still sleepy and don't really have their wits about them yet. They usually have crazy bed-heads (see the photo above) and are wearing their little softy jammies, that I can't keep my hands off of! I just want to squeeze and cuddle them. They still smell fresh from their baths the night before and their hair is free from food crusties (Dylan) and sand & sweat (Chase.) I am filled with strength, optimism, and hope that my prayers were answered and I will get through the day without loosing patience and gritting my teeth at Chase. Even the simple fact that I can drink COFFEE (this is my new and latest obsession!) makes me smile. So, I try to lull in bed with my guys for as long as possible, hoping to prolong the contentedness. Arghhh, this is getting harder to do now that Dylan is getting more mobile and restless. I pick him up off the bed, before he tumbles over the edge, and take him down to the kitchen to start the morning scramble. I am still flying high, keep in mind that I have now started drinking my coffee, and in my delusional buzz think of all the possibilities that the day brings.

The bubble usually bursts before we even sit down for breakfast. A tantrum of some sort usually presents itself about the time that I am trying to get food on the table. Dylan cries because he bumps his head on the table, Chase is flying of the handle because I cut up his pancakes, or didn't cut up his pancakes, or cut them up incorrectly. Yesterday, he was wailing because I put out some jeans for him to wear that have a button at the top. "I HATE BUTTONS!!!!!!!!" He screamed over and over from upstairs in his room. I was scrambling around looking for his library books and videos that we needed to return, so I ignored his rant. Moments later he came down and proudly told me, "Mommy, I did the button, all by MYSELF!" I nodded, knowing that he could indeed fasten the button. In case you were wondering.... this is how most of my days unfold.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Things I've Caved on....

While out to dinner the other night, I couldn't help but notice the very all-American looking family sitting across the aisle from us. Particularly, I was keeping an eye on the sulky, moody looking boy of about 9 or 10 years old who was wearing his I-Pod during the entire dinner. How rude, right??? (He even turned his nose up at the ice-cream cone his mom bought him!?!?) So, I mentally added "Will not be allowed to listen to music while we are eating dinner" to my list of Things I Won't Ever Let My Kids Do. You are probably now wondering what else is on this list, so I will give you a few that come to mind:

1. Won't ever be allowed a computer or TV in their bedroom

2. Won't ever be allowed to ride those little motorcycles around that all the kids have. At least not in our neighborhood where there is no where to ride them except for the street or the sidewalks. Neither of which is safe for kids.

3. Won't be allowed to ride his bike without a helmet.

4. Won't be allowed to sleep with Mom & Dad.

I am just hoping that none of these make the jump over to the other side of the list, which is titled Things I have CAVED on. So far this list looks like this:
1. Letting my kids go out in public with crusty bugger noses. I always thought this was completely unacceptable before I had children and found out just how HARD it is to clean their little noses. My kids are feisty!!!

2. Vegetables! To my dismay, Chase WON'T eat a single veggie. I even stopped trying to force him to. I surrendered!!

3. Letting them watch Videos in the car. "We should get the DVD player in the car, but we won't use it except for LONG car trips." This was my original philosophy on the DVD player in the car. We now use it ALL the time, even to run to Jewel which is less than a mile away.

4. Watching cartoons during meal times, watching cartoons in the morning, watching cartoons before bed. OK - let's just leave it at "Watching too many Cartoons!"

Okay, so those are are just a few, given more time, I am sure these lists could grow to be a mile long - HA! Feel free to share any of yours!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Our Trip to the Corn Maze!

These are pics from Sunday at the Richardson Corn Maze up in Spring Grove. It was great. We did get a little lost in the corn... Chase helped us find the way out ;) We picked out pumpkins, went on tractor rides and ate lots of yummies!