Saturday, July 5, 2014


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Hey there Guys -
It's my monthly letter.... and of course, I have waited until the very last minute!  We are boarding a plane in a few hours.... Am I packed?? No!  Am I dressed and ready?  No!  Am I typing you a letter?  YES.  Aughhh..... I hope you don't inherit my tendency to procrastinate.  Please, please take after your father who is always organized and a detailed planner.    Oh, do I ever LOVE that man!

So, where are we and what is going on?  We have been busy, as usual.  But we have a SUMMER to soak up... so we are on a mission.   Both of you just finished up your baseball seasons.  I am going to miss our evenings (almost every evening, in fact) at the ball park.  But it is nice to have the down time.   We have a few weeks to enjoy being sport free and then...dun-dun-dun football starts!  

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Chase, you got voted by your teammates onto the All Star team for baseball... which was a pretty big honor considering you were one of only a few first year Mustang players to make the team.  It also says a lot that your teammates made the vote.  It was pretty exciting!    You played a great last game and we certainly were proud of all your hard work this season!

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And Dylan.... this photo is so - YOU!  You enjoyed your season too and learned so much.
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Of course, you had Coach Dad helping you.
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I'm just going to come right out and say it...  as much as I love our summers, all this time together can be tough.   I try to remind myself that you guys are little kids and I sort of  remember what that felt like.   But, the little-boyness of you both, oh my.... the potty talk, the propensity to want to inflict pain on each other, the overwhelming - almost palpable - curiosity, the constant butting heads, the competitiveness.... I don't recall being that way as a kid.  But, of course, I was a girl.... soooo.

I try to look on the bring side and remind myself that these traits will serve you well in life.  I do hope that somehow some way just a few of my relentless reminders make it into your skulls about being considerate and kind to others (something that seems to be forgotten at times lately.)

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I will say that you guys have been really becoming friends.  There seem to be more moments of friends than foes.  So we are making progress!

I love you both.  Love love love love love you.  We are headed off to visit your Grandparents.  More on that next month.


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Saturday, June 7, 2014


Hi Boys-

IT'S SUMMER, IT'S SUMMER, IT'S SUMMER!!!!   I love the beginning of Summer.... where it's all stretched out before us.  It seems endless, with so many possibilities.  I know enough to know that it will be over in the blink of an eye.   At least for me it will.  I hope it seems long for you guys... time moves slower when you are six and nine.  Soak it up!

So you both finished up the school year with flying colors.  Kindergarten and third grade are in the books.  The first day of Summer vacation we hit the road for a long weekend in Nashville.  What a fun time we had surprising Uncle Eric for his 40th Birthday. We got lots of sights in too.  We did the Science Museum, Opryland, the Country Music Hall of Fame and even stopped at the Louisville Slugger Museum in Kentucky on the way home.  Dylan, you mastered the art of Photo-Bombing on all sorts of unsuspecting tourists.    Oh, and you now want a bunny after spending time with Eric and Julie's pet bunny, Honey-Bunny.    Oy, first a Pug and now a Bunny!

Can you believe that I got you to slow down for a millisecond a couple times for a few photo ops?  You guys are actually kinda cute when I catch the front of you.
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The weather was fantastic and we did some exploring.  I love that you two have such an adventurous spirit!
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And of course there is still BASEBALL!  Lots and lots of baseball. Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
I love watching you both play.  Dylan, you are just so darn adorable in the uniform and you kill me with all your intense facial expressions.

Chase, you are so passionate about the game of baseball.   Your league is definitely more competitive and it has been a bit tough on you this year.  You have such high expectations of yourself... and you take it all so seriously.   Of course I want you to do well, but more than anything, I want you to have fun.   Buddy, you have got to learn to relax and have a little FUN!
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So that catches you up to speed.  I know this letter is a bit heavy on the photos and light on the words.... I'm sorry.  But, we've been running and running and running.

Love you both -
HUGS - Momma

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Saturday, May 3, 2014


Hi Guys -
It's Mom again with your monthly letter for the Blog Circle.
I'm going to be honest with you here, I usually have an idea of what I want to write to you about, but this month, my mind is blank.  I got nothing.  So hang on for some random ramblings.

I can't believe that school is almost done for the year, only a few weeks left.
Dylan, you even commented the other day that it went "soooooo fast!"  It really doesn't seem possible that soon you will be done with Kindergarten.  On the bright side, I'm so ready for SUMMER.  I have already started planning some fun trips and things for us to do!  I don't know what has gotten into me lately, but I crave travel and adventure and seeing and exploring new surroundings.  I want to expose you guys to as much of the world as I can (within reason, of course) and it just seems like these years are the ones to do it all.  Because, for so long, you guys were too little and before long, you will be too big.   Well, too big to want to hang out with your ol' parents and/or big enough to have other obligations... like school... sports... jobs?  Who knows.  But I do know that I feel compelled to pack it all in... NOW.  We have to squeeze as much into these shorts months as we possibly can.  So hang on kids!   That reminds me... I've gotta get you guys your passports!


So anyway, Dylan you are almost done with Kindergarten and you have suddenly blossomed into a full fledged reader.  It seemed to happen overnight.  You are sounding out words and reading everything in sight.  I was so proud of you, all the Kindergartners have to read a story to the class at the end of the year.  You were chosen to go first and did a great job picking a fairly long and challenging book.  I love your enthusiasm for learning!

Chase, I think you are going to have to get braces.  I'm not really looking forward to it (goodbye, checking account!) but oddly, you seem to want them.  I'm going to remind you of this when your teeth are throbbing in pain and you can only eat Jello for 2 days following each appointment!  

Your class had a science project over the past few weeks.  You guys got eggs that hatched into chicks.  You have given us daily progress reports and this week you have been bursting with news as 14 of them hatched, many of them right before your eyes.    (Your teacher is a Saint, she's had to deal with 24 ubber-amped up nine-year-olds!)
(Photo credit - Goes to Chase! Taken with his Ipod)

And not to much is going on in our world right now because..... BASEBALL.  You guys, if you are reading this 20 years from now, you need to say THANK YOU to your Dad who is not only pulling 60+ hour work weeks but coaching both of your teams.   And while I know he is exhausted at times, he loves doing it!  (He is a Saint too!)  

DSC_4752 DSC_4841 DSC_4765 DSC_4795

And because I can't NOT get a little sappy in these letters, I want to end by saying that I'm so thankful for your sweet little smiling faces.   I watch the news each night (as much of it as I can handle) and in the wake of so many disasters, catastrophes, accidents, and horrible humanly acts I just want to thank God for the blessings that I have here.  And pray that He continues to look after you both as you navigate the world of adolescence.   And while I'm not a particularly religious person, lately, I find myself praying for guidance, mercy, wisdom, and........ luck.   Amen.

Love you both!  


Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Hello again!
It's already been a month, can you believe it?!?
I wanted to stop by with some highlights for the month of April.  Our assignment this month was to capture details (close-ups) and long shots (capturing the whole scene.)

I don't know that I really "nailed-it" but these are what I got!  
f2.2 - 1/800 - ISO360

f1.8 - 1/4000- ISO2000

f4.0 - 1/800 -ISO 3600
f1.8 - 1/4000 - ISO2000

f4.0 - 1/4000 - ISO1400

f 4.0 - 1/4000 - ISO500

f 4.0 - 1/4000 - ISO 450

f4.0 1/4000 - ISO 450

f5.6 -1/2500 -ISO 720

f 5.6 - 1/2500 - ISO720

f 2.2 - 1/1600 - ISO 800

f 2.2 - 1/1600 - ISO 800

We are so ready for it to warm up around here.  Spring is gotta be showing up soon, right?

Saturday, April 5, 2014


DSC_3598 DSC_3586
Hi Guys -
I'm back again for my monthly letter.  It's April! Yahoo.  March went fast, which is good as we are all super eager for Spring to make it's appearance.   It's already starting to feel warmer by the day.  And let me tell you, you two couldn't be happier.  You've spent every spare minute lately tearing around outside getting filthy dirty, skinned up, sweaty, and even believe-it-or-not.....sunburned.  But, hey it beats having you two dialed into your iPod's all day.  I am about ready to trash those things, anyway.

So, yes, I think we are all ready for some fresh air and outside playtime.  But, ugh... here we go again.   The same ol' battle is sure to resurface, as it does every year at this time.  You guys want to roam.... and I want to keep you on a short leash.  Although, this year... I decided not to fight you (as much.)  I am trying, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY trying to give you a little more space, a little more freedom.  I'm going to stifle the zillion "what-if's" that fill my head every time you are not by my side or easily within my reach.  It's just that until now, every motherly instinct I've had is to keep you safe and protected.... how do I ignore all that?  I've come to accept that you are always going to want more than I am comfortable giving, when it comes to freedom.  Hey, I'm your Mom, and I'm a worry-wart.    
I mean, I had a panic attack the other day when I took you two to the movies.  I left you alone in the theater for 5 minutes while I ran to the bathroom.   I rushed back in just sure something horrible had happened and there you were, right where I left you.  Well, not exactly where I left you, Chase, you had moved over a spot so that you would be together while I was gone.  And I almost burst into tears right there.  You two really do look after one another....  I die!


So, I'm going to ignore those heart palpitations that I get every time you cross over our property line and disappear from my sight and give you a little of the freedom you crave.  My head knows that you need it, my heart will eventually get there.  Or not.  But I promise to try.  Okay. Okay.  You guys just promise to keep looking after one another when I'm not around.  That's what brother's are for, after all.


All of this was very evident during our recent spring break trip to St. Louis.  We spent a full day at the City Museum there.  Which is basically like a giant playground for exploring.  You guys were in your glory.  No nook or cranny (or cave or tunnel in this case) went undiscovered! You two could not get enough...  I have to admit, it was a really cool place (even if I was a nervous wreck half the time).... you both liked it more than our trip to Disney World!  (If you click on the photo below - it should take you to the entire set of photos if you want to see more from our trip!)
So, let's see.... what else happened this month?  Well, Dylan you lost your other front tooth a few weeks ago.  That little smile just kills me.  And you even sound cuter now thanks to a toothless lisp you now talk with.   Oh, and I have to mention that since we lost our dear kitty, you now have a strange obsession with Pugs.  I'm not sure why, but you can't get enough.   I've told you repeatedly that we would not be getting a pet pug, but you seem undeterred.

Chase, you finished up basketball and floor hockey for the year and tried out for baseball which starts soon.  When you are not playing sports or outside getting filthy dirty, you are here, lounging next to me, surfing around Insta-gram.  Until I boot you off my couch because I can't deal with the stinky feet smell. (Seriously, Buddy, it's BADDDDDD.) And so it begins, body odors.  Gotta love boys!! 

And trust me, I do... my adventurous, smart, independent, stinky-feet boys!

Until next month -

     -Your (nervous, over-protective, worry-wart, loves-you-to-the-moon-and-back) Momma

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Saturday, March 29, 2014


I can't believe March has come and gone already.  One month closer to Spring.  We hope! 
The boys stayed busy with lots of sports.... as usual! 

We took a quick Spring Break trip to St. Louis.  I will try to get some more photos posted from that trip.  The boys had a BLAST!!! 

Here are a few highlights from the month.......................

I'm pretty sure this is going to be the last of the snowmobile photos - but I'm not making ANY promises

f 5.6 - ss 1/640 - iso 200

Almost as good as tubing on the water.... almost!
f 6.3 - ss 1/1600 - ISO 200

I forgot to bring my sunglasses into this place - bright!
f 2.0 - ss 1/800 - ISO 1600

Bright and early one morning - gaming already.  *sigh* 
f 1.8 - ss 1/100 - ISO 1800

Little League Prepping for this guy
f 2.8 - ss 1/4000 - iso 900

We don't care if there is snow on the ground - we are playing outside!

f 2.8 - ss1/400 - iso 110

That puck is not getting past this guy!
f 5.3 - ss 1/200 - iso3200

Exploring at it's finest! At the St. Louis City Museum
f 2.0 - ss 1/80 - iso 100

Mom busies herself with camera - to avoid a certain heart attack
f 2.0 ss 1/80 - iso 500

"Wait for me! Mom said you had to WAIT. FOR. ME!"
f 1.8 - ss 1/200 - iso 110