Sunday, January 4, 2015


It's 2015!
It's been months...and months.  I know. I know.   I'm so sorry.
I want to try better.... I vow to try better.... But, don't hold me to it......I will likely fail.  Again.

But I'm here now!  If that counts for anything?

We made it through the holidays.  And I sit here, on the eve of the dreaded "back to school,"  the end of winter break.... and I'm SOOOOO READY.  Ready, to get the kids back to school.  Even though we had a great two weeks off.  But,  I'm ready to get back to the routine.  I crave routine.  Without it, I stay up wayyyy too late... sleep in wayyyyyy too long..... eat and drink wayyyyy too much.   (Shower wayyyy too little.   Opps.... Did I say that out loud?!?  Just to clarify that last tid-bit... I had two glorious - shower-free- stayinyourjammmiesallday days and it was A-MAZING! )

And its not just me, the kids get a little stir crazy... and bicker. And whine.  And bicker.  And complain.  Did I mention the bickering?!?  As much as they would hate to admit it, they crave routine too.  I made them hit the sack at 8:30pm tonight... and they didn't even fight me!  See.  Proof, they are ready for school to start too.

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So, Christmas was good.  It was really great, actually.   I can't remember being this..... relaxed about Christmas in a long time.  It seemed so much easier than I remember it being.  I didn't procrastinate... I didn't over-do it.  It was just so blissfully stress-free.  And the boys really enjoyed it all too.  I want to just bottle up these years.  How will it be when they outgrow this magical, amazing season?
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LA-LA-LAAAA.  I can't hear you.  I'm covering my hears and singing really LOUD.  Because denial is my go-to coping mechanism.   LA-LA - LAAAAAA................

Their Santa lists this year:

Chase wanted BEATS head phones.
And that is it.  That is all he wanted.  Way over-priced, over-advertised, LOUD,  ruin-your-hearing-before-you-hit-puberty head phones.

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Dylan wanted a Pug - as in a real live dog,  A large flat-screen television, an elf on the shelf,  a case of Root Beer (I apparently deprive my kids of soft drinks!) a Lego set and some new Under Armour pants.

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So, I think Santa did pretty good, minus the pooch and TV and soft drinks!  I did start buying my deprived child some Root-beer.... which he gets to enjoy.... on very limited special occasions.  Hey, baby steps, people, baby steps!

I have so much more to  fill you in on... but it's late (of course)  and I haven't even't showered today (of course!) and I reality is about to hit me full-steam tomorrow morning.  So, I have to cut this one loose.  I'll be back.  Soon.  ish.  

Cheers and Happy NEW YEAR!

Saturday, September 13, 2014


Hi little Guys!!
Or... I mean Hey Big Dudes!

I guess I should stop calling you things like "Pudding"  "Sweetsies" or "Angle-Pangle-Pudding-Pie"  which are just a few of the many little cute pet names that pop out of my mouth.   I keep getting eye rolls from you both.  So maybe I should attempt to stop... at least in public..... as to not embarrass you too badly.

Anyway - it is September.  I feel like so much has happened since the last time I wrote to you.  It couldn't have possible only been a month.  So, let's see....  School started.... and you are both doing well.

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Chase, you started 4th grade and while school has always been something you enjoyed, this year was a little tougher.  A friend of mine once said that it all starts to change in 4th grade.  Maybe she is right.  Anyway, you got put in a class without any of your good buddies.  You seemed a little lost at first, but I like to think of this as an opportunity to broaden your circle of pals.  Sometimes it is good for you to branch out a little.   You also got selected to participate in the accelerated classes for not only language arts (which you were in last year), but mathematics as well.    So, you are in for some extra challenges as school this year.
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Football has had it's share of challenges also.  You got selected to be on the Sunday team, which was a big honor.  Considering that you are the only 9-year-old on the team.  But that means, again, you aren't with your old teammates, which was really hard for you.  I have to say, though, that you met the challenge head on.... I love that about you.  Your dad and I are so proud of you for not only making the team, but holding your head high and showing your teammates that you deserve to be there!

Dylan, you started First Grade... which means ALL DAY school.  You were soooo ready to spend the entire day at school like the rest of the kids in our neighborhood.  But, Mom wasn't quite as on board with it.  After a few weeks, though, I have to admit that you are thriving in school, and Mom is adjusting to not having her little side-kick!  You didn't seem to have any trouble transitioning to the full day schedule, as I vaguely remember going through with Chase.   You are reading up a storm, I seem to find a different chapter book in your hands every time I turn around.  (You discovered the Magic Treehouse book series and you are hooked!)  I just can't believe how quickly you are progressing.    You love doing number club in school and are a wiz at math.  It's just all happening so fast!    We're you just learning your letters and number, like... yesterday?!?!

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You are doing so well at Football too.  We are proud of how much you have learned in a few short weeks.  You even got your first two touch-downs this morning!   Way to go Dylan - Duggler!!!  I mean, Way to go, DUDE!

What can I say...... old habits die hard.

Love you guys.
I'll write again soon!


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Saturday, August 9, 2014


Hi Guys -
It's August...... and I have to say that our summer has literally disappeared.  You have only a few days left before school starts again. I'm in totally disbelief and denial.   I could be worse than you guys...... I don't wanna send you back!  But then the bickering starts up and instead of pulling my hair out,  I look at the calendar again and start counting down the days.  So, I guess you could say that your mom is having a lot of mixed feelings about school starting this year.  We got teacher assignments and heaps of supplies and lots of new clothes.  We are more or less ready to roll.  Chase, you seem eager to get back and Dylan you are dragging your feet.

It's just that I feel like we barely got summer off the ground with the mild temps that we have had.  I am not buying pool passes again next summer - we hardly made use of them with temps primarily in the 70's.   And now football season has begun, so our down time is spent at the field.  Both of you boys are playing this year - which is so fun.  It should shake out to be a very interesting season.

We will be dwelling on football for the next several months, I'm afraid, so lets talk July.  We spent a week of our early July visiting mom's family in Idaho.  We had a ball - I included a DUMP of photos below.  It was HOT there so we were mostly at the pool or near water.  And of course, you guys spent every possible minute with your Idaho cousins.  I so wish that we lived closer so you guys could see each other more.  But I love that you all pick up right where you left off.  It's like you were always fast friends.

We also, this past month, took a long weekend and drove out to Ohio.  We got to spend a wonderful evening hanging on the farm with Grandpa Jim's side of the family.   They are so much fun, we love every minute that we get to spend with them.  And then the weekend just got better and better with two fun/adrenaline filled days at Cedar Point.  Holy - Roller COASTERS - BATMAN!  That place is insane. You both couldn't be happier!  (Well, Dylan, you were NOT happy that a few of the rides deemed you too short to ride..... that really ticks you off!)

Anyway, I plopped many photos below.... of our crazy/busy/fun month.  I hope you had a great summer.  It was one that I won't forget.  I love you both..... don't get any older, okay?!?!  I want to keep you just the way you are right now.

I can hear you both saying "Moooo-ooooom! Stop it!"

Hugs and Kisses - Mooooooo-ooooooom

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Sunday, July 27, 2014


It's been forever...... I wandered upon Ashley's Scavenger Hunt list and realized that I got almost all of those on our recent fishing excursion.


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Well... I had to edit this one to make it work!

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**From the archives**  I didn't have anything for "cup."  My initial thought was to take a photo of one of the boy's athletic cups since one is usually lying around (GROSS!)  but I decided to spare you.  You're welcome.



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Saturday, July 5, 2014


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Hey there Guys -
It's my monthly letter.... and of course, I have waited until the very last minute!  We are boarding a plane in a few hours.... Am I packed?? No!  Am I dressed and ready?  No!  Am I typing you a letter?  YES.  Aughhh..... I hope you don't inherit my tendency to procrastinate.  Please, please take after your father who is always organized and a detailed planner.    Oh, do I ever LOVE that man!

So, where are we and what is going on?  We have been busy, as usual.  But we have a SUMMER to soak up... so we are on a mission.   Both of you just finished up your baseball seasons.  I am going to miss our evenings (almost every evening, in fact) at the ball park.  But it is nice to have the down time.   We have a few weeks to enjoy being sport free and then...dun-dun-dun football starts!  

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Chase, you got voted by your teammates onto the All Star team for baseball... which was a pretty big honor considering you were one of only a few first year Mustang players to make the team.  It also says a lot that your teammates made the vote.  It was pretty exciting!    You played a great last game and we certainly were proud of all your hard work this season!

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And Dylan.... this photo is so - YOU!  You enjoyed your season too and learned so much.
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Of course, you had Coach Dad helping you.
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I'm just going to come right out and say it...  as much as I love our summers, all this time together can be tough.   I try to remind myself that you guys are little kids and I sort of  remember what that felt like.   But, the little-boyness of you both, oh my.... the potty talk, the propensity to want to inflict pain on each other, the overwhelming - almost palpable - curiosity, the constant butting heads, the competitiveness.... I don't recall being that way as a kid.  But, of course, I was a girl.... soooo.

I try to look on the bring side and remind myself that these traits will serve you well in life.  I do hope that somehow some way just a few of my relentless reminders make it into your skulls about being considerate and kind to others (something that seems to be forgotten at times lately.)

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I will say that you guys have been really becoming friends.  There seem to be more moments of friends than foes.  So we are making progress!

I love you both.  Love love love love love you.  We are headed off to visit your Grandparents.  More on that next month.


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